Deploying a Virtual Assistant is Easier Than Ever With noHold

October 10, 2016

1:30 pm

Quality customer service is a highly sought-after goal of many businesses. Whether you’re dealing with a large company or a small startup, all companies pay attention to the questions of their consumers. With the rise of new technologies and online sales, new customer service systems have appeared to further improve the relationship between companies and their customers.

One of these new systems changing customer service for the better is virtual assistants, an intelligent self-service option that allows users to find the answers to the questions they have on their own terms. This technology is responsible for responding to customers’ basic questions, for example at the time of acquisition. Despite their benefits, one of the problems with virtual assistants is that they take a long time to deploy – usually several weeks.

However, there is now a company offering a much easier way to do this, in less time. After recently adding a new feature to its AI platform called Agile Deployment Approach, noHold now has the ability to provide the deployment of a virtual assistant in just a week, with the basic components of etiquette, metrics and escalation.

During that first week, the Virtual Assistant is not at the height of its capabilities – it will almost exclusively collect a vast array of metrics, and customers are provided with an option to contact a human assistant. With this, companies are assured that the customer experience is not negatively affected, during a time when the Virtual Assistant is still “warming up”.

The virtual assistant from noHold gradually gets more effective and resourceful as it learns more and more. For example, in the second week it should escalate according to the users’ queries, instead of following a generic escalation path. It also works to identify the top-10 questions, allowing for managers to create premium content for them.

Diego Ventura, CEO of noHold, described his company’s take on virtual assistant deployment with a relevant metaphor:

“The Agile Deployment Approach paradigm is very similar to the one we experience every time we hire someone new. We hire someone intelligent, well mannered, and who can contribute to the team, but at the start, they are not entirely knowledgeable about the business yet. Same concept holds true when implementing a Virtual Assistant. You start with a fully capable Virtual Assistant, and with time and experience, it continues to grow and improve.”

The biggest advantages of this kind of approach are expediency and relevancy. The faster setup (one week as opposed to six) let’s you get back to the important things of your business. It’s also based around customer input, making it more naturally relevant to a company’s context than any other solution could ever be.


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