Desk Drinkers Brings Craft Beers to Your Office

June 10, 2014

6:32 pm

We are nearly half way through this week and most employees are already counting the hours till Friday at 5 om comes around, or, 4.30 for you cheeky escapees. The destination for most startup employees is happy hour at their local watering hole.

But what if happy hour could be brought to the office?

That’s what Miami’s Desk Drinkers are trying to do with their new craft-beer delivery service. The curators at Desk Drinker select harder-to-find craft beers, ranging from Porters to IPA’s and everything in between and deliver them straight to your business.

“We have hand picked local beers and from all over the US, and some from abroad so that our customers get the opportunity to compare every brewing style,” says Desk Drinkers co-founder Maya El Naffy.

The idea is to encourage a space at the end of the day for employees to reflect on their past week and plan for the next in a more serene environment than their local bar. The side aim, is also to encourage customers to try new beers they might not have ordered at your run-of-the-mill happy hour spot.

“Desk Drinkers is cheaper and easier than going to a local bar, we also have to keep in mind that at 5pm on Friday’s bars are packed and its difficult to hold a conversation and strategize,” says El Naffy.

Currently Desk Drinker is still in their beta-testing stage, but they’re looking for early-adopter-offices. Cheers to that!



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