Founders: 5 Five Reasons your Developer Belongs at Big Nerd Ranch Bootcamp

August 13, 2015

12:30 pm

It’s never been easier to learn how to code. In the past five years coding boot camps has been launching worldwide. However, many of these programs are for beginners. Big Nerd Ranch, however, specializes in teaching a curriculum for experienced developers—just ask Facebook and Airbnb, who have learned from Big Nerd Ranch. Our own CTO Al Frimpong took a class last week and we couldn’t believe how much he had improved. Here’s why Big Nerd Ranch Bootcamp stands out from the crowd.

Big Nerd Ranch offers a long history of teaching excellence. What other coding school has almost 15 years under its belt? Since they started teaching in 2001, Big Nerd Ranch has taught thousands of classes at Ranches and companies around the world. Their very first bootcamp was Programming Mac OS X with Cocoa, but today they teach a range of design and development courses, including a brand-new Advanced Android bootcamp. They are also the authors of  a bestselling series of programming guides (their updated Android book was just published earlier this month, in fact!).

They’re where the trained go to train. At Big Nerd Ranch bootcamps, you’ll cover vast amounts of new territory in just a few days. They subject you to the most intensive app development course you can imagine. To quote their website: “While instructors elsewhere are preparing their students to be graduates, we’ll be readying you to be our colleague.”

They practice what they preach. Big Nerd Ranch instructors have deep, real-world experience in developing apps since they are developers and designers who build apps for clients all over the world. They know the challenges that developers face because they in the trenches every day. The good news? Nerds already know how to solve those challenges, because they have already overcome them for their clients.

They bring their knowledge to you, anywhere in the world. Want the Big Nerd Ranch experience at your office? They offer on-site training for teams. Need proof? They’ve done it for Facebook, Spotify, Airbnb and Nextdoor.

What our developer learned from Big Nerd Ranch

Big Nerd Ranch changed the way he approaches iOS problems. He told us, “They drilled 2 amazing books in my head in just 6 days, and the amazing part is the fact that I actually LEARNED everything in those books.” He learned creative and effective ways to solve new iOS problems, thanks to Scott Ritchie, the most brilliant iOS instructor Al has ever encountered. After leaving the Ranch, many of the practices he picked up at the Ranch are still with him and are now very prominent within Alumnify’s iOS source files.

In conclusion, running a startup is extremely time-consuming and attending a 12-week bootcamp is unlikely in the startup life. If you’re looking to see your development team or yourself vastly improve your development skills in a short period time Big Nerd Ranch is the place to be!


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Eghosa Aihie is a entrepreneur, writer, and motivational speaker. He is the co-founder & Chief Revenue Officer at Alumnify Inc.

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