Developers Need Lives Too!

February 25, 2009

1:26 am

We all love the technology that lets us work anywhere, any time—but too often that turns into “everywhere, all the time”.  That risk may be greater for those of us in the tech industry than anywhere else, because our toys tend to share close quarters with our tools.  Developers usually work alone, and it’s easy to forget to come up for air.

Being passionate about work is a wonderful thing, but knowing how to keep work in its place is at least as important.  Most of us would never think of letting our personal lives bleed in and out of our workday, but we don’t seem to remember to give our personal lives the same respect.  That’s bad news for everyone involved.  As the old saying goes, few people look back at the end of their lives and wish they’d found time to work more.

Making time for the things we value personally isn’t just important for keeping us happy and healthy, although that’s certainly reason enough.  It makes us better employees, too—without time to recharge, we reach our points of diminishing returns very quickly.

At Total Attorneys, we believe in taking stock of what’s really important in life and finding balance.  We urge our attorney clients to “Get a Life” and build systems geared toward getting them out of the office and back at the family dinner table, out with friends, on the ski slopes, or just sleeping in on a Sunday morning.  We expect and encourage that same balance in our employees.

Fortunately, our company structure makes that relatively easy to do.  Last year, a Harris Interactive poll showed that only about 20% of employees in key industries were enthusiastic about their team’s and organization’s goals and felt they had a clear “line of sight” between their tasks and those goals.  Even fewer felt enabled to execute key goals, or that they worked in a “high-trust environment”.  Those doubts and frustrations translate to inefficiency, which in turn means more work time (and more frustration).

Our small, agile teams, open-door policies and highly selective hiring process ensure that our professionals can invest, get the job done…and then walk out the door and Get a Life.

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