How to Deal with Difficult Design Clients

April 4, 2015

8:00 pm

Designing an end-product for a client means that you will come across people with different opinions. While client satisfaction is a priority, what do you do with clients who just are ignorant of the very basics? Misunderstandings are common if the expectations of the client are different – sometimes, they can have unreasonable expectations if they don’t have all the details.

How true the saying is that the customer (read client) is king? But is it always possible to hold on the temper when it comes to deal with their ignorance?

The art is in learning how to keep your cool. There will be a communication gap at times, but it’s essential to solve miscommunication as soon as possible. As a B2B or even a B2C business, you have to keep your calm while not giving yourself away to frivolous demands. So here are some clever tips about how to face what seems like ignorance of clients.

Common sense is not so common
Telling your client about the user experience and how it is going to affect the accessibility of the consumer helps to create a good end product. If telling is not enough, educating them also helps. However, with an ignorant client, it is very difficult to tell anything apart from what they understand. It’s probably more like an insult to them. As soon as you detect them as “ignorant”, do not cross-question any of their orders.

Change is constant
Probably one of the biggest hurdles for any designer is gauging the client’s mind.

Think about it. What if your client wanted everything to be included in the product that they came across? As the process moves on, your expectation will change from what you envisioned in the beginning to what the client might continue to imagine as you move on. So as you deal with them, try to avoid the intricate parts and just end the project.

When life gives you a lemon, make lemonade with it
Tough but true, money is why we are all working for it. And it’s not always possible to console yourself “this is the way of life”. Ask for the upfront payment to avoid any of such cumbersome situations. You can even reject the project to avoid in such controversies.

Keep it to yourself
Most of the clients do not know anything about designing. So you need to manipulate on how good their ideas are! Patience is the key word and it’s not your part of the job to correct their design intelligence.

Complete the task as directed
Do not wait for the client to to daydream about what more could have been done. Do your part of the job so that you don’t have to take up any blame in the future.

Image Credit: Flickr/Paul Anderson

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