These Are The Most Difficult Tech Jobs to Fill

May 13, 2016

3:00 pm

With the workforce growing each day, eager workers are sending out information in hopes of gaining employment from some of the tech industry’s leading companies. However, these companies aren’t filling these roles as quickly as the demand is hitting – so what gives? It turns out that filling these roles aren’t as easy as it seems.

Tech companies are very particular about who they employ to fulfill certain roles, and tech jobs aren’t much different. There’s a delicate balance between matching qualified candidates to roles crucial to the success of these companies, but even with these particulars, these tech roles are becoming increasingly more difficult to fulfill. The real challenge comes from finding qualified candidates for these specific tech jobs.

Here are the top three tech jobs that are the most challenging for companies to fulfill, as reported by Mashable:


DevOps include building, maintaining, and scaling the internal infrastructure of apps. This role is complicated, as it involves multiple skill sets, including crisis management. Candidates have the best chances for filling these roles in Atlanta, Kansas City, and San Diego, with salaries averaging $110,000.

Mobile Engineer

Mobile engineers are becoming increasingly in-demand as mobile apps continue to grow in popularity. Mobile engineers must specialize in iOS and Android apps, working closely with designers and other engineers to build and launch apps. If you’re looking to find a mobile engineering opportunity, your best chances are in Orlando, Philadelphia, and San Antonio – with salaries starting at $107,000.

Database Engineer

Database engineers, unlike mobile engineers, maintain complete databases rather than specific applications. These roles serve as more of internal support for “external-facing products”. This role is crucial for making internal operations of tech run smoothly. The best chances for finding an opening in this role is in San Antonio, Philadelphia, and Atlanta. Salaries start at $102,000.

Finding the tech roles that you want to fill may be difficult, but it’s not impossible.

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