4 Digital Nomads Share Their Favorite Travel Apps

August 8, 2016

10:15 am

Being location-independent often translates to a heavy reliance on innovative tools. If you’re thinking about adding a new app to your workflow mix, check out what these four fellow digital nomads find is working for them:

Katherine Conaway

“I have been a digital nomad since June 2014,” said Conaway. “I’m Head of Production at Public Persona, a small design and branding studio in Washington DC.”

Pro Tip:

“My laptop is backed up on Dropbox local. Just in case of a worst case scenario, I know everything is safe. With the risks in traveling and drinking beverages near laptops, this gives me a lot of peace of mind.”

Katherine Conaway

Katherine Conaway is part of the second cohort of Remote Year, called Battuta. She blogs on Medium here.

Zoë Björnson

“I’ve been a traveler for quite awhile now, but was born and raised in Palo Alto,” said Björnson. “I recently began a new role at About.me as a Product Marketing Manager. I focus on user acquisition and developing new ideas for our product.”

Pro Tip:

“Over the past six months, I’ve found that actively practicing gratitude has really moved to the forefront of my mind and life. Gratitude practices have been instilled in our Remote Year group from a few life coaches on our program. I also like an email app called Humanize which helps me reflect on what I have and what I’m doing daily. This practice has really changed my mentality and impacted my personal growth.”

Zoë Björnson chronicles her experience as part of the third cohort of Remote Year, called Cousteau, on her blog.

Andrew J. Clark

“I am an iOS app developer and designer,” said Clark. “I also have a travel podcast called A Nerd Abroad. I’ve never travelled before joining Remote Year in June 2016.”

Pro Tip:

“Trail Wallet is a simple, beautiful expense tracker for iPhone. It allows me to enter expenses in a foreign currency as I go throughout the day. I can see how much money I am actually spending. When travelling with different currencies, it’s easy to lose track of how you are spending. You can also setup a daily budget goal to better control spending.”

Andrew J. Clark

Andrew J. Clark is part of the fifth cohort of Remote Year, called Darien.

Greg Caplan

“I went to University of Michigan and started my career in venture capital at Lightbank,” said Greg Caplan, founder and CEO of Remote Year. “Later, I started an ecommerce company called oBaz that we sold to Groupon. After a year at Groupon, I started traveling and working remotely helping clients with digital marketing. I asked some of my friends if they wanted to get remote jobs and travel with me. When all of them said no, I created Remote Year to find a community to experience the world with.”

Pro Tip:

“I am most reliant on apps for navigation and communication. Google Maps and Foursquare are my favorite ways to figure out how to get around and where to go.  Foursquare has the best recommendations for finding great spots in new cities.  I also try to do as many of my calls as possible on video and Zoom is an amazing platform for video chat.”

Greg Caplan recently published The Remote Revolution Manifesto about location independence.


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