Digital Photography For Business: 4 Ways To Leverage Images

February 19, 2011

6:55 pm

There seems to be a high correlation between people in tech and photography. Most of the tech-heads I know love their digital cameras. But for the most part, people still look at their cameras as a part of their family or vacation gear, not as a part of their work toolkit. The proliferation of photo features across social networking sites encourages the inclusion of images in most online media now, and it’s caught on. But have you thought about how digital images can help your business? Here are just 4 simple ways that you might leverage your camera for your business.

  1. Document behind the scenes – Just as teams have started to share little nuggets of information about the “behind the scenes” work at their companies, those who share images make it that much more powerful. Pictures of employees or teams make it easier to connect with a brand or product – storytelling 101.
  2. Share your journey – Maybe you just showcased your products at CES or some other conference, or maybe you just attended a great conference for learning a new skill or inspiration. Taking pictures and sharing that journey will help keep people connected and thinking about your brand. Especially if you tag them in your photos on Flickr or Facebook.
  3. Remember people – I admit that I have a tough time remembering people sometimes. We meet thousands of people a year via the events we produce and attend, but it’s no real excuse when you’re standing in front of someone who clearly remembers you. Taking a photo of someone you just had a conversation with (and tagging it with their name!) can really help with future recollection.
  4. Show your skills – It may not be the beautiful photos of your vacation in Maui, but if you take a cool photo of something work related, people will notice and remember. And in business, that’s the goal.

And if you start taking lots of photos for work related things, talk to your accountant. Perhaps you’ll also have a shiny new photo gadget to write-off for your business taxes.

Jen Consalvo is not only the COO and Co-editor of Tech Cocktail. She’s also the author of the newly released ebook, Love Your Photos: a simple guide to photographic happiness. The book features many fellow tech-heads and talented photographers offering their favorite photo tips and examples.

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Jen Consalvo is the Cofounder and COO of Tech.Co. She previously worked in product development for almost 13 years at AOL for audiences of millions. Follow her on Twitter at: @noreaster.

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