Using Digitization to Reduce Your Tech Business Expenses

May 11, 2015

9:00 pm

Keeping all of your important documents on hand is a vital aspect of running a good business. However, this process can become hindered by a mixture of paper and digital files. Many entrepreneurs and small business owners struggle with the need to create a solid filing system, but switching to a digital solution can make it much easier to take care of everything. After all, if you host this system in the cloud, you will be able to sort through your files from any web-enabled device, regardless of whether or not you are at the office. Additionally, you could save a lot of money on physical storage by adopting this approach.

Facts about Digitization

Four years ago, individuals and businesses were already accumulating a combined 1.8 zettabytes annually, and it is estimated that this number will triple by the end of 2015. This helps highlight how critical digital file creation and storage has already become, but many companies fail to properly utilize a structured method for maintaining these files. Fortunately, this problem can easily be solved by taking advantage of the digitization solutions that are offered by Fuji Xerox. For example, optical character recognition, which is more commonly referred to as OCR, gives businesses the ability to scan PDFs that then become searchable. According to a study that was conducted by IDC and Fuji Xerox Australia, the proper digitization and storage of documents can increase productivity by almost 14 percent.


Example of OCR scanner technology by App Demo Videos via YouTube


Other Digitization Advantages

Scanning files into searchable PDFs is definitely a useful technology, but intelligent character recognition takes things one step further. This technology is also known as ICR, and it allows people to scan handwritten documents that are then converted into a text format. The ability to edit files as needed could also minimize the need to print files unnecessarily. Polls have indicated that 70 percent of Australian businesses have no concept of their overall printing costs, and this is an issue that is shared with companies worldwide. Again, keeping your files in digital storage so that they can be reviewed as needed will reduce your reliance on paper copies, and this can cut an estimated 3 percent off of your annual printing budget.

There are many methods available for converting your existing paper files into a digital format, but the reality is that your employees are probably poorly equipped to handle the task on their own. You can minimize the amount of time and employee interaction that is needed for a file conversion by harnessing the power of tools such as ICR and OCR.


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