Meet dio, the Premium Charging and Data Cable

May 14, 2015

5:00 pm

USB, short for Universal Serial Bus, is probably the most widely-known cable connector type in the world, at least for the computing niche. It has managed to spread itself to all kinds of devices, from printers to external hard drives, or even mobile phones and tablets. All modern computers are shipped with at least one USB port.

Along the way, this technology has been perfect and USB 3.0, the third major version of it, can transfer data up to 625MB per second. Two years ago, plans for the 3.1 version have been released, with an announced data transfer rate of 1.25GB per second.

This shows that this technology is here to stay, albeit with some modifications. For example, the USB-C connector is getting a lot of attention, especially with the recent discussion about Apple’s decision to release the new MacBook with a single USB-C port. The greatest innovation brought by this new connector is the fact that it is reversible, meaning that it can be inserted in either direction (unlike what happens with traditional USB connectors).

However, there is a company that has thought about this possibility some years ago. moopti is a company from Utah that has been working on a better USB cable for some years. And, just recently, it went on Kickstarter to fund their greatest creation, the dio Naked Reversible USB cables.

The crowdfunding was a success, with over $28,000 pledged – that is almost 6 times the $5,000 goal of the campaign, with around a week to go. The dio cables are compatible with Lightning, Apple’s USB-C-like own connector, and Micro-USB connectors.

Probably the most important feature of these cables is the fact that they are reversible, just like Lightning and USB-C are. But also amazing is how they are built: the casings are built with anodized aluminum, they are durable and built with tangle-free braided nylon and they come in various vibrant colors, to match the personality of the user.

It appears that dio cables solve everything that is wrong with the USB cables we have today: no more tangling, no more compatibility issues and no more 50% chances of plugging USB cables the right way. So be sure to visit dio’s Kickstarter page and pledge, in order to obtain these impressive cables taking advantage of several benefits.

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