This Discussion API Helps Track Millions of User Comments

April 7, 2015

8:00 am

Looking to find user comments across the web that mentions your company, organization, or relevant keywords? Unlocking the power of user comments opens a world of benefits and it’s all possible now with Diffbot. This new Discussion API allows you to do a whole lot more including understanding customer intentions as well as understanding how customers behave in depth.

Diffbot, an artificial intelligence startup, allows developers to analyze, extract and improve web content. They are the creators of visual learning robot technology that analyzes the web using natural language and computer vision processing. This provides developers a useful tool for finding, extractin,g and understanding the Web objects for their application.

Discussion API

Recently, the company released a new bot, a Discussion API that unlocks the millions of comments posted everyday online from all corners of the web. The great thing about this bot is that now the developers have access to unlimited data from forums, comment threads, and reviews, which wasn’t tapped effectively before this technology. This will create virtual databases, which can be accessed easily.

The real breakthrough

This user-generated content is huge part of Deep Web, which is 400 times larger than the surface web. Surface web is the only thing that is indexed and search engines only process this surface web. Hence, deep web is still waiting to be tapped and unexplored. This will become a useful tool for the companies to market their products and learn how the customer base behaves.

How does it work?

The scraper visually examines the webpages and instantly breaks down the whole content into comment data, author information, and subject, along with other details. These discrete objects now create a structured data, which can be accessed by automation. Now companies or developers can build applications that can use this database.

So how can it be used?

Now companies can effectively monitor their products or keywords to understand the user reaction, feedbacks, reviews, or sentiments. The new functionality currently supports some of the biggest user created content platforms including Facebook, Livefyre, Disqus, WordPress, Intense Debate by Automattic, Blogger, Hacker News, Reddit, and Kinja; among others. These platforms make up the majority of the user-created content on the internet.


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