DJ-51 Uses Spotify to Create a Local Playlist

May 18, 2015

8:00 am

Music can “make or break” a social event – it’s the major element that can bring people together, create a certain atmosphere and make people feel comfortable. However, choosing the right tunes for an event can be challenging, especially because people have different tastes in music.

DJ-51, an app that curates a playlist based on what people are listening to in a specific location, helps to solve that problem.

“We wanted to connect with our target audience in the most relevant way to our product, in the time and place where they’re sharing drinks with others,” says Daniel Perez Pallares, creator of DJ-51.

As tech and music continue to collide, the DJ-51 app also gives users the best of both worlds.

“This is the first app in the world that creates a common musical playlist for people in the same physical space,” says Perez Pallares.

Here are some of the features first time users should know:

  • DJ-51 is Powered by Spotify: Users login into Spotify, can join their friend’s “room” or create their own.
  • It’s an app that streams your music: DJ-51 creates the aggregated playlist which is then streamed on Spotify.
  • It creates a community: According to a press release, “as the number of playlist participants increases, the music of the individual dissolves, the available explanations behind why each song playing reinforces the core promise of DJ-­51.”
  • Uses advanced technology: “The app uses algorithms and artificial intelligence to seamlessly aid the discovery of mutually shared music tastes, creating a sense of togetherness and ultimately, creating a more united atmosphere,” reads another excerpt from the release.

Additionally, DJ-51 is growing, but it currently has 30,000 users and is targeting people who want to connect with others through music.

“As the app grows organically, we are learning and making little changes to improve the app. We want to push the app to another level and facilitate millions of micro socials networks and gatherings through the app,” says Perez Pallares of DJ-51, which is available on Android and IOS.

More about Perez Pallares and DJ-51

DJ-51 was created by Cachaca 51, which is a Brazilian distilled spirit and brewed by Companhia Muller de Bebidas.

As Perez Pallares continues to grow his user base, he has learned a number of things about being an entrepreneur. His advice to young entrepreneurs is simple: continue to learn and be willing to change your plan.

“Make things happen, learn and change as you go. Never stop learning, learning is change,” says Perez Pallares.


Image Credit: Mikael Kristenson


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