Do you decide right here, right now?

July 31, 2013

3:00 pm

One of the most noticeable traits in successful entrepreneurs is their ability to decide on the spot. They do not take anything home with them. It is  important to understand that not making a decision is worse than making a wrong decision. Of course, you should not take this as a rule of thumb and start making decisions on the spot, even if you do not have all the information you need. However, learning to make quick decisions helps you stay away from stagnation and keeps you moving.

Let’s analyze why people procrastinate in making decisions.

Of course, you can’t always know the outcome of a decision you are considering. There is a fear and incentive combined. Since you are not sure, you may look for the easy way out – the way that taxes your mind the least. So, you decide not to decide. You procrastinate. Now your mind is relieved. And, for now, the worst you feared is not going to happen, and yet you still have the chance for the best to happen if you decide later.

The best example is while you are hiring someone who is a bit on the expensive side. You know that hiring that person would certainly help you, but you are not sure if it will help you optimally. You keep the conversation warm while waiting on something to happen. That something pretty much never happens, while in a way, you have decided not to hire by procrastinating.

Procrastination in these cases does not help. Most tasks that you do not decide to act on remain in the backlog forever, unless they are waiting on some piece of information or are really vital for your next move. Having large numbers of tasks in backlog makes you feel lethargic as your to-do list continues to grow. You feel stagnated, and your set of problems is still the same.

But, what if you decide as soon as you are faced with a problem? Suddenly, your problem set changes all the time. This keeps the mind active, and therefore, fresh. In the case of our previous example, if you decided to hire the expensive person, your problem set is to ensure you maximize the utilization of the new onboarded skill. If you decided not to hire, your problem is now to get things done with the existing team you have. In either case, you have moved away from stagnation.

I strongly recommend you have the courage to make decisions quickly. Try to push yourself to decide on anything right then and there, and don’t take anything home with you. This will certainly give you a lot of momentum in your venture and will take you further than you could have gone with that heavy backlog.

Happy Deciding!



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Jinesh Parekh is the CEO of a Ruby on Rails consulting boutique, Idyllic. Idyllic focusses on building web and mobile solutions led by user experience design that solves real business problems. You can reach out to Jinesh at jparekh [at] idyllic [dot] co.

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