Science Inc. Backed Dollar Shave Club Delivers Razors For As Low As $1 Per Month

March 6, 2012

10:00 am

If forced to pick one thing I love about the Internet above all else, eliminating mundane chores would likely sit atop the leaderboard.  If you’re like me, then you’ll like this one…

Earlier this morning marked the launch of Dollar Shave Club, a membership service delivering, you guessed it, razors.  The latest Science Inc. backed startup falls right in line with their other recently launched ventures MeUndies and Wittlebee, subscription based underwear and kids clothing, respectively.  Promising “a great shave for a few bucks per month,” this Los Angeles based startup is continuing the trend of eliminating mundane chores – or in words of Michael Dubin, Dollar Shave Club CEO and co-founder, a primitive experience.

Years of frustration with the price of Brand Name razors, coupled with the notion that going to the store – for regular purchases such as razors – is a primitive experience.

If Dollar Shave Club is able to gain any traction, even a grabbing a small slice of the pie should prove to be a lot of pie.  “The men’s and women’s grooming market is worth $2.6 billion,” says Science Inc. CEO and former MySpace CEO Mike Jones. “And big shave brands are charging too much for too little, which has created an opening for Dollar Shave Club to disrupt the market with a ‘much cheaper, much easier’ proposition while maintaining quality.”

This razor per month delivery service is attempting to take a similar branding angle as Old Spice, combining humor and style to garner attention to what would otherwise be viewed as dull subject matter – and I must admit, they do a damn good job.   In their brief about us video, when Dubin proposes the question asking if their blades are any good, he calmly responds, “no, our blades are f**king great,” before inexplicably walking through a sheet of orange tissue paper.


Dollar Shave Club was founded in April 2011 by both Michael Dubin and Mark Levine.  

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