Domino’s Zero-Click Ordering Has Taken Tech Too Far

June 13, 2016

4:03 pm

Technology is invented to make life easier. Whether it be the wheel or the Apple TV, simplicity and ease drive innovation to create new and miraculous devices in our world. But there is a line. On one side of the line is practical devices and applications that make everyday activities faster and more efficient. On the other side of that line is useless technology that merely gets in the way of doing something that takes two seconds without a smartphone. Domino’s just crossed that line.

Last week, Domino’s revealed that the new update for their mobile app will include zero-click purchasing. No, not single-click purchasing, made famous by Amazon’s recent move to eliminate the hassle of shopping carts and checkout processes. Domino’s has taken this totally reasonable idea and eliminated the one and only step to create zero-click purchasing.

If you are curious how this potentially torturous technology will work, it’s cripplingly simple. Once you open the Domino’s app, your pizza is already on the way. No tedious button pressing, no boring confirmation screen and, most importantly, no way to stop it. Unless of course you count the ten seconds you have to alter or cancel your order, which this writer does not.

While I would love to test out this technology for myself, I’m afraid that even searching for it on the app store will result in unwanted pizzas, bread sticks and two liter sodas showing up at my door without my consent. And with their newly advanced location services in place for easier delivery, they could actually pull it off.

Yes, users are required to register before they have access to this technology. Yes, the service is easily turned off for anyone that think it an evil manifestation of useful software. No, Domino’s will not force you to eat a pizza you accidentally order. But are these fail-safes enough to keep you from ordering a pizza that you don’t want?

If technology is designed to make life easier, is this really necessary? The notion that Domino’s is merely implementing technology in order to trick users into purchasing pizzas is a bit unlikely. And while they are undeniably the leaders in innovation when it comes to food delivery, zero-click purchasing has one foreseeable outcome: bedlam. Hopefully the customer service team at Domino’s is ready for the onslaught of unintentionally ordered pizzas that will be on the way when this service launches.

Photo: Flickr / Terry Presley

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