Donate to Charities in America: One4All and Jason Hausske’s Mission

April 11, 2013

3:00 pm

One4All was started because of two core beliefs” explains Jason Hausske, founder. “The first is that we live in a world of latent good and many of us want to do more good. Second, anyone can be a philanthropist; not just billionaires.” Hausske found himself donating money all over the place: fundraising efforts, humanitarian relief, friends’ runs, and even in line at the grocery store.

What he did not find was a platform from which donations can be made directly to charities and nonprofits all across America. One4All, a social network for charitable donation, was designed so that the individual donor is placed in the center of everything.

Traditional online giving sites, like petitions or fundraising causes, tend to cater to active givers. While they are definitely well intentioned, they fail to go after a demographic that really needs to be tapped: the casual giver.

Many casual givers do not operate on a micro level and sometimes donate thousands of dollars. The issue is that their donations may be unorganized, sporadic, or without direction. One4All helps these donors get a foothold on where their money is going by giving them an organized central hub from which to work.

Every month, One4All is updated with data about new 501(c)(3) nonprofits, charities, and organizations all across the country. Everything from the smallest grassroots campaigns and charities to large-name causes and fundraisers are incorporated for users.

“One4All does not judge or editorialize organizations; the community will do that,” says Hausske. Very similar to Amazon, customer opinions and reviews are ascribed to charities so users can share experiences. After researching and deciding on a charity, donations are as easy as one click.

Donating on the fly is one of One4All’s major strengths. We have all heard local NPR stations sponsoring a fundraiser, but they require you to call, give your credit card information, and talk with an operator to give your donation. One4All allows the user to tap one button and donate any amount in a fraction of the time.

Users can also set up recurring payments to make the donation process as frictionless as possible. “One of our big beliefs is that giving can be a sustained part of your life,” says Hausske. “The important thing to recognize is, if you make it about the individual giver that is when things start to change.”

One4All works hard to make the experience all about the individual. “Individual users, on other social media sites, have influence and can make big differences in the world,” explains Hausske. “Charities are realizing that conversations are being controlled by individuals and we offer them a way to get on board with the changing times.”

There is a popular adage by Minor Myers, and it applies readily to One4All. It reads: “Go into the world and do well. But more importantly, go into the world and do good.” The English major in me loves the play with ‘well’ and ‘good’, but I also recognize that Hausske is doing everything he can to live this quote while providing an opportunity for others to live it with him.

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