Don't Google it–ShowMe!

August 6, 2011

12:57 pm

What’s the first thing you do when you need to learn more about something? Google it. Search engines like Google are excellent at retrieving basic information, but they don’t actually teach you or help you synthesize that information. Sometimes demonstrations and visual walk-throughs are needed to grasp concepts and understand their application. ShowMe is a new iPad app that allows teachers and students to collaborate outside of class.

ShowMe is on a mission to make learning more accessible by giving teachers and experts a platform to share their knowledge. Learners can browse or search for topics and watch instructional videos presented by real teachers and experts. With ShowMe, students can continue learning outside of school, right from their computer.

ShowMe’s platform could potentially flip the traditional classroom model on its head. Instead of students struggling through lectures in class and then facing a daunting homework assignment alone, now they can access recorded lectures and tutorials from their computer at home. ShowMe makes it easier for students to find the information they need and connect with their teachers outside of the classroom.

ShowMe is not just for students and teachers; it’s for anyone willing to learn! If you want to learn something new everyday, give ShowMe a try.

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Clayton McIlrath is an entrepreneur, programmer and teacher. He enjoys the process of learning, exploring, and doing all things creative as well as sharing his experiences with others. Being an entrepreneur and business owner, he has a heart for helping others start their own ventures.

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