School of Doodle Helps Teenage Girls Express Themselves and Kick Ass

May 25, 2016

9:51 am

Spending for the arts is being cut by public schools left and right. As more focus is being put on standardized testing, school isn’t quite the well-rounded experience that it used to be. Art is an outlet for kids, and some actually need it to explore their creativity, better understand their emotions, and boost confidence.

The lack of outlets for girls to express and get recognition for their art was one of the reasons that Molly Logan created School of Doodle. Molly has a background in art, which is one reason it is so important to her. She once worked as a curatorial assistant at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and also spent a couple of years pursuing a PhD in 19th Century Photography.

She wondered why there was no Khan Academy for creativity, and thus inspiration grew. She also wondered, having been a frustrated teenage girl herself at one point, why there weren’t many places in the world where teenage girls were taken seriously.

“Growing up, I felt tremendous frustration in not having access to ideas and people who could help me realize big dreams and, particularly frustrated that the world did not take the thoughts and creations of a teen girl seriously.  So, I guess, Doodle is for the 16-year-old me.”

School of Doodle was created to close the confidence gap among teenagers by creating a space that gives teen girls the tools to create, connect, and thrive. It’s a platform and media company that’s for teen girls and run by teen girls. They are currently a team of 80 teen ambassadors, 6 teen editors and 32 teen content creators.

School of Doodle has also managed to find some killer partners including Anna Sui, Arianna Huffington, Brooklyn Museum, She Shreds Magazine, Valentino, and Dazed Magazine. When asked how they landed such high-profile partners, Logan simply said, “We just asked and, luckily, they agreed that teen girls rule!” I guess the lesson to be learned here is that it never hurts to ask.

Once girls are part of School of Doodle, the sky is practically the limit. It’s a platform where girls are free to exercise their imaginations and “Be Loud!” They can participate both online and in person at workshops in London, New York, LA, San Francisco, Vancouver, Nassau and Portland. This allows them to create and connect with other Doodlers. The Doodlers participate in online challenges and share their art in an online “locker.”

No doubt that School of Doodle will lead to girls one day ruling the world.

And now I present you with the School of Doodle’s Girl Code, for the sole reason that I think it’s awesome and want to print it out and hang it on my bathroom mirror to read every day:

“I will kick ass. Every day. All day.

I will celebrate difference in myself and others.

I will greet adversity with laughter and curiosity.

I will take up space with my ideas and imagination.

I will question the status quo. Respectfully and relentlessly.

I will remember that I have the power over my present and my future.

I will create change every day. Personal, local, global.

I will speak my mind. No apologies. No hesitation.

I will have my Doodle sisters’ backs. Always.

I will not fear failure. I will pursue it.

I will forever, Be Loud.”

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