Didn’t Get to Download Flappy Bird? Here Are 6 Flappy Bird Clones You Can Play Now

February 10, 2014

6:59 pm

I’m not big on mobile games, so I rarely download games on my iPhone; however, I do try my best to stay on top of the latest fads. So, I did manage to download a copy of the popular “Flappy Bird” game before it was deleted from both Apple’s App Store and Google Play. It’s a ridiculously difficult game that everyone should at least try, but if you don’t already have it installed on your phone, then it sucks to be you (but not really, since you’re not missing out that much).

From what seems like a J.D. Salinger case of success-aversion, Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen announced on Saturday that he would be removing the games from the app stores on Sunday. And, as promised, the game was removed yesterday to the disappointment of its fans – many of whom had only recently become addicted to the very recently popular game. Last week, the game had an average four-star rating, with more than 500,000 reviews in the App Store and over 200,000 on Google Play.

With the additional tweet by Nguyen on his refusal to sell the rights to the game, some saw this as an opportunity to sell iPhones that would come pre-installed with Flappy Bird. Want to own a copy of the now-deleted game? Buy this $900 iPhone and play to your heart’s content! Ugh. Ridiculous.

If you didn’t get to download Flappy Bird, I’ve compiled together the six games that best mimic Flappy Bird’s game dynamics.

Ironpants (Android, iOS)


You’re a flying, block-headed superhero and you have to avoid flying into crate stacks. Supposedly harder than Flappy Bird – probably because you’re wearing pants made of ironDownload it now for Android or for iOS.

Fat Squirrel (Android, iOS)


Despite its already-obese state, you play this flying squirrel that’s trying to bring some nuts home (presumably to store for the winter; otherwise, yes, you play an obese squirrel). Download it now for Android or iOS.

Flappy Bee (Android)


I don’t actually know what’s going on here. Supposedly plays like Flappy Bird, except your bee can pick up a few special powers. Also, the obstacles you have to avoid are the stuff of Luke Skywalker nightmares. Download it now for Android.

Flappy Plane (iOS)


According to reviews, it’s an easier version of Flappy Bird. You control a plane and avoid obstacles like bats. Why these bats are flying in the daytime is an entirely different issue. Download it now for iOS.

Happy Poo Flap (Android)


Oh my god this is so adorable. You play as a cute little pile of poop that’s just trying to fly home…wherever poops live. As you collect coins, you can purchase accessories or costumes to customize how your poop looks. Definitely my favorite on this list. Download it now for Android.

Flying Bird 3D (Android)


This is literally the same game as Flappy Bird (albeit with different graphics). Download it now for Android.

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