DrawAttention: How to Grow Your Business on a Startup Budget [Video]

March 25, 2015

3:00 pm

When you walk into any coffeeshop, you can’t help but notice laptops everywhere. As more people choose to work out of public places–be it a library or a coworking space–there are more opportunities to network. Dallas-based startup DrawAttention recognized this opportunity and found an innovative way for people to showcase their brand using their laptop covers.

DrawAttention started when founder Kyle Taylor made a whiteboard sticker for his laptop and posted a picture of it on Facebook. His friends liked and commented, so he saw an opportunity.  He spent $13 on a domain name, whipped up a logo, and in 10 hours – built a site with e-commerce, analytics, social media, and email marketing. He created a product that was unique and versatile for entrepreneurs.

drawattention board

“It’s amazing how much you can do with a small budget. It basically comes down to creativity and ingenuity,” explains Taylor.

Let’s just say that the team behind DrawAttention know a thing or two about bootstrapping. With a client list that includes Google and Microsoft, the startup is a great example of how to grow your company using limited resources.

“It was all about launching early, fast, and getting the word out. Don’t spend to much time on beta,” explains Taylor.

DrawAttention has been very successful in their media outreach, which mostly came from word-of-mouth.

“We prefer to create something media worthy,” says Eric Swayne, co-founder of DrawAttention, about not spending money on PR. “We are talking about the cool thing we can make that people will want.”

There are other important advice both entrepreneurs shared in this exclusive interview:

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