DreamPushers, the New Electric Skateboard

May 6, 2013

12:51 pm

If electric cars are too expensive and you’re tired of biking, Australian startup DreamPushers has a vehicle for you: an electric skateboard.

“I see it as an alternative to buying a scooter or a bicycle and I see this working especially well in the inner city, as it works perfectly for short, quick commutes,” says founder and CEO Chris Joannou.

DreamPushers board

The DreamPushers skateboard sells for $887 and can travel up to 12.4 miles per hour. The price may seem steep, but not if it becomes an alternate mode of transportation. Monthly metro passes at $50 a pop will add up to $900 in a year and a half. If the cost of owning a car is $9,000 per year, as AAA reports, a skateboard-for-commuting would pay for itself in just over a month.

Weighing in at over 15 pounds, the skateboard isn’t light. Carrying that up to your office or out to dinner after work may get a little tiresome, or just give you a workout. “Even at 7 kg, it gets heavy lugging it around,” admits Joannou. Each battery charge lasts one hour, so you’ll probably have to charge nightly.

But the feature DreamPushers is most proud of is the “electronic paper” that covers the top of the board. The design is patent pending, and other brands can order skateboards with their logos on top. But more importantly, it lights up at night to provide illumination for your journey and an extra cool factor.

In contrast, a competitor like the ZBoard (with a comparable battery) costs $949 and travels up to 17 miles per hour. But it weighs in much heavier, at 28 pounds.

DreamPushers is raising money for their skateboard on Pozible, an Australian crowdfunding site.  The first boards should ship in September.

Besides skateboards, the Melbourne-based company is the creator of trendy candy necklaces and interactive vodka. “So far so good, just don’t use all our products at once,” jokes Joannou.

Chris Joannou is a contributor for Tech Cocktail. 

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