Attention All Device Users – OK, Everybody – Drippler Launches New Site Tracking Gadget News

August 2, 2011

11:30 am

Back in January, we covered Drippler, a web/mobile application that provides personalized news updates on personal electronic gadgets. After a successful alpha launch (over 10K registrations, 100K unique visitors per month and 180K downloads of the app in the Android Market), the team announced a seed financing round last month.  This morning, they launched a brand new site that fine-tunes the original premise: delivering the latest device-related news in an easily-digestible format.

Smartphones, gaming devices, tablets – chances are if you’re reading this, you’re a person who owns more than one and possibly multiple devices in these categories. That’s a significant investment in electronics, not to mention the associated peripherals. Drippler is the place to keep track of tips and tricks, firmware and software updates, troubleshooting and tech support, apps and games, accessories, recalls, and even rumors (as a registered user, I’ve been tracking that iPhone5 rumor for a while now).

At the new and improved, the sign up process is as easy as it was before – log in via Facebook or by creating a user profile. Getting started is a snap, because it’s sort of like shopping. Just indicate via a click what you have and/or what you want – and let the customized device news begin. Drippler will send updates via a weekly email, making the process of staying on top of everything proactive and passive at the same time.

For daily news on the site, the MyDrips section is quick look at the gadgets you’re tracking. Sure, it runs the gamut from interesting news to merely goofy, but you get it all, and it’s useful when you think that in the area of your personal consumer gadgets, you’re chief troubleshooter. Any information that helps you get the most out of your device’s features or that helps problem-solve is key.  Users get the quick view of the news that Drippler is tracking (Cellphones, Tablets, Game Consoles, eReaders, MP3 Players) and a preview of recent news linked with the original source.

One of the new features on the site is in the area of information management. Beyond sharing content, users can flag content for later retrieval. The ability to contribute to the site community by indicating whether a post is Inappropriate, Duplicate, or Irrelevant is a new step Drippler is taking to tap the wisdom of the crowd. “User generated content on the site is an area marked for future updates, says Drippler co-founder and CEO Matan Talmi. “We’ll be adding more user generated content features to leverage the community, and allow users to share tips and other information on their gadgets.”

Drippler is based out of Tel Aviv, Israel, and was founded by Talmi and Dotan Galron; it was a runner up for the  Tech Cocktail Innovation Showcase at the CES Tweetup.

When you’re thinking of buying a new device, Drippler is a great place to comparison shop. Xbox or Wii, iPhone or Nexus S – any information to help you decide will help, right? Clearly, there are more devices on the market than Drippler is covering, and Drippler has plans to round out the offering of gadget categories to include Cameras, GPS, Laptops, and Video Games. Talmi adds, “We will also improve personalization, so users will eventually get only the Drips that are most relevant to them (for example, app lovers will get more app reviews etc.) and allow our users to get email alerts on important Drips (e.g. new firmware updates, recalls and so on).”

I’ve been a subscriber since that January article, and Drippler has delivered news updates and then some – a post a few month’s back announcing AT&T’s offer of 1000 free rollover minutes to iPhone customers played out well for me (it’s now expired.) I read the post, followed the directions to text for the free minutes, and voilà, the minutes were mine.

If you’re liking the idea of “free”, here’s a current link on Drippler to an iPad2 giveaway.

You’re welcome.

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