Drippler Launches v2.0 for Android, Celebrates 200 Million Drips

August 13, 2013

3:36 pm

Popular discovery app Drippler today announced the launch of a v2.0 for Android to celebrate serving 200 million “drips.” Coming in the form of a daily tip or recommendation, drips revolve around new features, apps, updates, or accessories for your tablet or smartphone.

Based jointly out of San Francisco and Tel Aviv, Drippler initially launched their Android app in May 2012 before making the inevitable leap to iOS. Today’s v2.0 release is focused only on Android with a new design layout and optimization for tablets.

“Drippler is now the largest driver of consumer tech discovery and adoption on mobile,” says Matan Talmi, cofounder and CEO of Drippler. “We are in the midst of the mobile revolution and Drippler is pushing the envelope in getting the mainstream closer to all these great new technologies.”

The layout is reminiscent of Flipboard minus the “flipping” feature. Drippler was able to implement some new features into their magazine-like design such as categories, personalization options, search functions, and favorites.

After you install Drippler, it takes a few quick seconds to analyze your device specifics: model, carrier, and signal level. Then, it takes you to the main page where all the drips are fully customized for your Galaxy Note II or iPhone 4s.

Drippler has earned the endorsement of Samsung, Amazon, Verizon, and AT&T by helping people navigate and understand their smartphones better. After today, tablet users will be able to join the fun, and Drippler does not appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

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