5 Apps That Keep Young Drivers in Check

December 9, 2015

3:00 pm

There has become a transformation in social behavior and communication due to continual advancements in technology. Unfortunately, some of these behaviors have turned into real-life issues that need to be addressed. In an article by the National Safety Council, they stated, “Half of all teens will be in a car crash before graduation from high school.” We have all experienced the years of adolescence—the classic stage of the know-it-all—but statistics like this are too influential to look past. There’s a 40 percent chance that every car accident included some type of mobile device distraction, and an extensive list of other texting and driving statistics that you can find in the report from The Huffington Post

Thankfully, there exists a variety of organizations and national support to promote the dangers of distracted driving. Some notable initiatives have been implemented by groups such as AAA, GHSA, Impact Teen Drivers, and NHTSA to name a few. Although large scale campaigns are being launched to educate and influence the harm that is caused by distracted driving, there are ways the rest of us in society can step in and help out as well. The idea is to combat technology with technology, and that is exactly what the following mobile apps can do for young drivers.

Road Ready

Road Ready is a free mobile app that allows you to track your time, learn safe driving practices, track driving conditions, view driving summaries, download your driving log, set goals, and track progress. It’s a great way for teens to take pride in their success, and build trust with their parents as they work together.

Steer Clear

Steer Clear, an incentive-driven app created by State Farm, provides drivers under the age of 25 to complete a rewards program that will qualify them for auto insurance discounts. The program records your driving experience to report on areas of emphasis you have succeeded and areas you may need improvement on. For more information on program eligibility, you can follow these program instructions here.


Progressive launched their Snapshot app to provide their customers a fair advantage to pay for their policy. Snapshot is a plug-in device, which turns your safe driving into discounts and savings on your car insurance policy. The app will track the time of day you drive, jerking motions, hard brakes, and other inconsistencies that may occur during your time on the road. To see how this all works, you can watch this short video clip.


The DriveSafe app is geared to help teens become more responsible and safer drivers. After the simple enrollment process, Esurance provides coaching for safe driving habits and practices, customized alerts for speeding, accelerating too quickly, or even driving past curfew (all the parents should love this one). This information is tracked by a telematics device, which uses Bluetooth technology to report on driving habits and limit cell phone use when the car’s in motion.


TeenSMART is one of the most proven and effective driver safety programs around. The program is endorsed by Allstate, Liberty Mutual, Mercedes-Benz, National Safety Council, and many more. The program focuses on the six behavioral and social factors that account for more than 90% of all teen collisions. They provided advanced technology to simulate real life driving situations, reward teens with certifications after program completion, incorporate parent-teen activities, and insurance companies have agreed to provide discount incentives for teens who finish the course.

Many more companies provide similar programs to educate and influence young drivers about the danger of distracted driving. The fight to battle technology with technology will never cease, but a continuous effort is something we can all strive to take part in. If you know of any organizations or programs that are fighting the issues of distracted driving, please let me know. I would love to look into their efforts and highlight them down the road as I continue to support the cause through my own endeavors.

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