Drumbi: Helping You Prioritize Your Phone Calls

September 16, 2011

1:00 pm

My brother sometimes calls me to tell me random things, like he’s hungry, and I answer all of his phone calls because, after all, he’s 18, applying for college and it might just be important.

Another scenario: My co-founder calls me five times in a row, it must be important, and I wish I knew what it was about.  But I can’t answer because I am in a meeting.   After the missed call, I have to either text him or email him and 1) ask him why he’s calling and 2) tell him I can’t talk because I am in a meeting.

Too many steps in the process.  Drumbi, a free Android and iPhone app, is fixing this problem.

Irvine, CA-based Drumbi allows you to specify the topic of your call, tell the recipient how urgent it is, and let them know where you are calling from.  Drumbi also has a great integration with Facebook that allows you to view a caller’s Facebook status.  So, now you can prioritize your phone calls, which ones you should answer right away and which ones you should return at a later time.  It’s the perfect marriage of text and voice.

But Drumbi will be even better for business use.  Imagine that instead of waiting in a queue for 20 minutes, you could fill out a form directly from your phone and tell a customer service representative why you are calling.  Instead of waiting, Drumbi will send that message to the customer service rep and you will get a Drumbi notification when someone can actually pick up your call.  No more waiting, getting re-directed, and having to explain 10 times why you are calling.

Co-founders by Shervin Talieh, and Farsheed Atef received $500K in seed funding from 500 Startups, so this is definitely one of those startups to keep an eye on.

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Julissa is a technology entrepreneur and writer on innovation and start-ups. She is co-founder of Common Equity, and leads the SocStock product team. She is passionate about innovation, travel and college football. You can follow her on twitter @julissaarce.

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