DubMeNow Looking to Corner E-Biz Card Market

February 23, 2010

9:10 am

In the fall of 2008, I was invited and attended the Washington, D.C. launch party for a new company, DubMeNow, coming out with their version of the mobile e-business card solution. Since then I have followed DubMeNow along as they continued to grow and evolve their business.  They showed off at a recent TECH cocktail mixer in D.C. and from the looks of it they are rolling down a successful path

Last year, The Social Collective which happens to be another D.C.-based startup,  launched a web portal into all things SXSW called my.sxsw.com.  It had Twitter integration and allowed you to find and see all the sessions, as well as to see what sessions your friends were going to as well.  The only issue was that you needed a laptop to follow along.  Well not anymore.  DubMeNow has teamed with The Social Collective to take it mobile on your iPhone so you can now keep up on the go as well. My only gripe as an Android convert is that they did not develop an Android app in parallel.

Aside from the SXSW app, DubMeNow is also making big waves in news in other areas as well.  According to a post on MobileCrunch:

Recently, Dub has created partnerships with DataTel and Moodle. DataTel is the 3rd largest ERP vendor for universities. Together, the two partnerships mean that over 1,000 universities will have access to Dub’s platform as a way of sharing contacts among students and faculty. Furthermore, they’ve announced partnerships with SXSW and Higher Logic, as a way for conference-goers to share information easily.

Partnering with universities is smart as it could get students using the app and user base that will theoretically use their app well into the future.  Also what a great way for university to take the “college directory” to the next level.  No longer will students be subject to a mini yellow pages. My only question is, why isn’t Google’s GMail or Facebook taking taking this same approach with universities?

Give one of DubMeNow’s applications a try (below):

Download the DUB applicationDUB.

Download the my.SXSW application –  my.SXSW®.

Not only is DubMeNow making great technological strides in the market place, they are building sound financials as well.  Their CEO, Manoj Ramnani, announced projected revenues of over $2.7 million this year on top of some $2.8 million they have raised in funding.

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