Dunkin Donuts Now Delivering to DC

December 1, 2015

10:10 am

Just when you were wondering if you would ever be able to order mediocre donuts – with icing that leaves a gross film on your tongue – on demand, Dunkin Donuts announced that they now deliver in DC. Apparently some people are excited about that.

DC isn’t special in this latest Dunkin Donuts offering. The donut chain has partnered with on-demand delivery startups Favor and DoorDash (a Y Combinator alum) to provide this service. Favor, an Austin,TX-based startup, will be the delivery provider for the District.

Placing an order for Dunkin Donuts works much like placing an order for any other food delivery. The primary difference is that you aren’t given your final total until the runner (supplied by Favor, in this case) actually picks your order up from the establishment. But based on some details the app provides, you can get a pretty good estimate. For example, you can expect the delivery fee to be somewhere around $5-6 dollars. Which, in my educated opinion, is a lot for some stale donuts (Have I mentioned I’m not a huge fan of Dunkin?)

The order process through Favor isn’t all bad. It does provide some helpful information, such as a realtime, digital timeline of your order being processed and fulfilled (like Dominos has been doing for years).

The New England based donut chain first announced that it would be breaking into the delivery market back in September.  They are not the first fast food chain to get in on the on-demand trend. Back in the spring Starbucks announced that it was partnering with delivery company Postmates to launch the service this year. McDonald’s also began testing a partnership with Postmates in New York City last May.


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