Dynamite: You Can Finally Mask Your Face, but Do You Really Want To?

September 29, 2015

6:00 pm

There are various ways you can express yourself using the latest technology: pick up your phone and post an update or photo on Facebook or Instagram, use Snapchat, etc. But you know, there are times when it’s better – for you – that your face remains hidden, and that’s the gap Dynamite aims to fill.

dynamite 3

Dynamite is another social media platform but with a twist: Here you’ll post and watch short (max. 46-second) videos with users hiding their face behind various masks, mostly celebrities. Oh, and they can also tweak their voice using audio filters, so you won’t be able to recognize users unless you know every millimeter of their teeth.

dynamite 2

The app is pretty straightforward to use: You can comment, or like and/or follow a user you like, as on every other social media platform. The recording process is pretty easy: just select your preferred mask and audio filter, and then hit record. There are a variety of masks, while audio filters are limited to three: high pitch, low pitch and robot.

dynamite 1

With all these checked, you can start recording your message to the community. But beware: As soon as you are done and hit publish, you won’t have any control over your video. That means goodbye to privacy as long as you are “alone” (i.e. aka don’t have friends). If you have friends on the platform, you can choose to keep the video “private,” which means only your friends will see it. Otherwise, your video will be visible to everyone. Oh, and you can’t even save the video to your camera roll.

With this in mind, use Dynamite how you want: Express yourself, and share your thoughts with or without masks. Dynamite is available as a free download from the App Store.

Image credit: Pexels.com

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