Want to Be Even Greener This Earth Day? Recycle E-Waste Through Guzu

April 22, 2012

9:00 am

On this 42nd Earth Day, we are once again reminded of how fragile the Earth’s ecosystem is – and urged to reduce, reuse, recycle…walk, use public transportation, or ride our bikes…reduce our carbon footprint in 10 steps – the list goes on.  Because recycling has become such a natural part of our every day existence, one of the easiest ways to be greener is to recycle even more – think e-waste.

One year old NYC-based Guzu has grown from a local recycling pick-up service to a nationwide electronics recycling program.  In its first month, Guzu recycled 3,400 pounds of e-waste and since then has been recycling an average of 3,500 extra pounds per month.

There’s an incentive built in as well, making e-waste recycling a no-brainer: You can sell your used electronics, from Blackberries to gaming consoles, for cash.  They’ve also partnered with American Forests to plant one tree for every order completed.

Here’s how it works: search for your electronic item on the homepage to get a price quote. Guzu then emails you a free shipping label; once the shipment is received and processed, Guzu pays you via PayPal or business check.

Guzu genuinely strives to recycle everything to the highest extent, so the silicon on the boards, LCD’s, plastics, metals, and even the cardboard boxes used to mail electronics to the company are properly recycled, whether they are repurposed or sold for parts.

All of you startup founders and entrepreneurs out there will like their Business & Volume Recycling division, which offers a turnkey, free recycling solution for small-to-medium-sized companies who want to recycle their old IT equipment.

As Guzu and other green/eco/sustainable companies take off, we can only hope that one day, every day will be Earth Day.

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