3 Ways to Easily Protect Your Pets with Tech

January 9, 2016

10:23 am

Our pets are very important in our lives. We give them a shelter, feed and protect them, and they improve our lives by making us happier. In some cases that are truly members of the family, being treated like they were human beings (and rightfully so), with a lot of perks they surely would not have otherwise.

With this in mind, it is only natural for owners to make sure their pets are really secure. It is reassuring to know that your pet is safe and sound, or to know that, if something bad happens, that situation can be taken care of. There are several ways to assure your pets’ protection, so let’s talk about three important ones.

Use GPS to Track Them

Pets like cats and dogs are somewhat furtive, and some of them have that really annoying habit of running way from home. Sometimes this has little to no importance, as they will eventually return, but some other cases end up differently – pets get stranded away from home to never come back (or to return more than a decade later, like in this case).

This can be avoided with the use of a GPS tracker, that usually comes in the form of a nice-looking collar. Wareable has put together a nice list with a few devices to choose from, so be sure to give it a look.

Getting Pet Insurance

It might sound strange, but it is a real thing: owners can get insurance for their pets. It covers a lot of things, from unexpected high costs of pet care due to medical issues or accidents to advertising for a lost pet. Given that there are many levels and types of coverage to choose from, along with their respective price tags, the best thing for owners to do is to look for pet insurance reviews in order to make a more informed choice.

Seeing the World from Their Perspective

We know that some pets, like cats and dogs, have a really good sight. While we cannot see what their eyes see, we can at least get an idea using a wearable cam. There are several cams available, like Eyenimal’s Petcam, which show us the world from the animals’ perspective. This can be useful to learn more about their behavior as well as the places they go, which can be utilized to prevent them from going to dangerous locations.

Do you have any more tips for pet protection? Let us know in the comments.

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