7 Substantive Ecourses For Budding Entrepreneurs

June 16, 2017

8:30 am

In a recent survey, almost 40 percent of millennials stated they prefer to work on their own. This is in stark contrast to Generation X and certainly to the Baby Boomers before them. It is no wonder, then, that this generation is particularly open to being entrepreneurs. In fact the same study showed that, even if they fail, millennials still believe they will have learned many valuable lessons in the process.

If you are one of these independent-leaning millennials, of even a Gen X’er who has become dis-enamored with the corporate world, you need to know the cold, hard facts first. About 90 percent of startups fail. As researchers have looked into the reasons for such a high rate of failure, they have come up with a list – everything from money issues to mis-gauging the marketplace to lack of leadership development.

The bottom line is this – entrepreneurs may look like “naturals,” but they have skills, talents, and attitudes picked up along the way that others have not. There is a lot to learn for successful entrepreneurship, but it doesn’t mean you have to re-enroll in a college program. Technology has delivered to us the ability to enroll in e-learning coursework to master the skills we need.

Here are 7 substantive courses you will want to take to boost your entrepreneurial skill set.

The Website Formula to Success by Vincent Pianna

Having an Internet presence is easy but a successful internet presence that delivers business enquiries and sales is a different matter. Few entrepreneurs have the knowledge and the skills to get it right the first time. This seven-unit course teaches you how to build an online business from scratch, focussing on generating conversions, content, user experience, marketing, SEO, and using analytics to drive business decisions and strategies.

Context is Key: Social Media Strategy in a Noisy Online World by Gary Vaynerchuk

This is a series of 23 video lessons that will show you exactly how to spread your brand on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest. And teacher Vaynerchuk ought to know. He developed the strategies and tactics for successful brand storytelling of such companies as GE and PepsiCo. This is a “hands-on” video series, meaning that you will actually take his tactics and create your brand’s stories.

Startup Business: How To Raise Seed Capital on Udemy

Startup consultant Boony Tokan has developed a series of 30 on-demand lectures all about the raising capital. Remember, financial woes are a major factor in startup failures, and this course can help you avoid that. Everything from approaching banks, to crowdfunding or asking family and friends for money, he outlines strategies to appeal to each potential funding source. The course will also help you figure out how much you really need, plus you’ll learn about letters of intent and marketing your idea to potential funders.

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Authority by CopyBlogger

No one can ignore content marketing in the digital world and subscription-based “Authority” can help with anon-going education and advice. There is a class every Friday, the chance to discuss with beginners and old-timers, and access to a library of 300+ training and advice videos. Membership is on a monthly or annual basis, and there is a 30-day free trial.

List Surge by Melyssa Griffin

Straight from the horse’s mouth is an old expression but very appropriate for this series of e-courses. Griffin has grown her own email list exponentially by using the strategies, tactics and tools that shares through her e-course. Her overriding principle is this: you cannot control much else in the content marketing world, but you can control your email list. Growing that effectively will mean business and revenue growth. She offers an understanding of the basics of email list-growing, specific strategies to use, and the tools and tech to incorporate.

The Essential Guide to Entrepreneurship by Guy Kawasaki

Kawasaki has about 30 years as an entrepreneur and investor in startups. He is the perfect person to offer his years of practical experience to any budding entrepreneur. From your initial idea to your business plan, to your pitch, to your ultimate launch and beyond, you will learn from this expert. This is really an ultimate “how to” guide from one who has done it all himself. The course is offered through Udemy.

How to Develop Breakthrough Products and Services from MIT

This course is offered through MIT’s Opencourseware program and is free of course. It will “feel” more like a college course, with video lectures, readings, and assignments. Many of the lectures, however, come from guest experts. The concept behind this course is that there really is a systematic way to develop new products and services. While you may not become the next Facebook, you will learn the process by which ideas for products and services can be nurtured and developed.

Certainly, there are many more opportunities for learning, and if you are serious about this entrepreneurship “thing,” you will find them. When you commit to continual learning and development, you will have a huge piece of what it takes to be a success.

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