Edmodo: Microblogs Your Education

March 6, 2008

12:25 pm

Microblogging has becoming extremely popular as sites like Twitter, Tumblr and more have jumped onto the scene to enable users to quickly share messages, links and files. I recently got a preview of a Chicago-based start-up that has created a new microblogging platform focused on education. Edmodo, a self-funded bootstrapping start-up co-founded by Jeff O’Hara and Nic Borg offers microblogging for education and groups. Since both co-founders work in education, they wanted to do something to help others in the space. They also noticed there were not microblogging platforms available with the rostering and privacy options needed in the educational space – so they decided to build Edmodo.

Built on PHP and MySQL Edmodo enables users to create groups and share files, links, embedded videos and images along with alerts, assignments and events.  Alerts enable user to set quick notices over email and eventually SMS text message.

Edmodo supports groups which can be associated to a particular classroom to enable group sharing. TechCrunch recently took a look at Edmodo and called it “Twitter for the Classroom” and I slightly disagree with that comparison as Edmodo is more like a Pownce than Twitter. Edmodo could have a larger calling outside of the classroom as businesses could use it for project management communications. Rostering enables administrators or teachers to share assignments and other items to multiple groups or classrooms.

Though still a very early alpha Edmodo is accepting beta registration on its site for when they do open up to the World.

Edmodo screen-shot

Edmodo screen-shot

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