Education Startups that are Grooming Child Geniuses

August 28, 2015

9:00 am

School might be starting up for children everywhere, but let’s not lose site of the great technology tools at our disposal for supplementing primary education. For most of us, the technology we were exposed to during our elementary school days consisted of typing classes on dusty, rudimentary, monochrome PCs. At least we know our home row on the keyboard.

Today? It’s a paradise for education technology outside of the classroom. If your child is the next Einstein, these startups will help her/him reach their potential light years ahead of their classmates.


If your children are eager to code at an early age, let Bitsbox be their guide. The company aims to be the friendliest way to groom young programmers, and it works by sending monthly projects in the mail. There are two components to Bitsbox: the company’s website and the tools shipped in the monthly kit, which include challenge cards, stickers, and a booklet full of apps to code.

Launched in January with $253,000 raised from Kickstarter, the company has already shipped boxes of techie treats to 56 countries and has been used by over 500,000 children.


File Brackitz under non tech for the technology-minded. On the surface, the company produces mere building tools, similar to an erector set or even Legos. But it’s designed with technology in mind, as the company’s founder is a dad who wanted there to be more STEM in his child’s toys.  

Brackitz uses unique connector pieces that aren’t limited to 90 degree angles and feature multiple connector points, resulting in a tool that sharpens creativity and building fundamentals alike.


Backed by $6.5 million in Series B funding, Speakaboos is a subscription-based reading motivation platform with a growing list of 175 digital stories. The methodology is simple enough: keep children engaged in the material. The system features story-driven games, touchscreen interactions, animated characters, and illustrations to make sure that’s the case. 

Speakaboos is designed for children as young as two years old, and up to about age seven.


Harness your child’s inner Michelangelo with ReallyColor, the patent-pending technology platform that turns photographs into coloring book pages. Its patent-pending technology makes it simple to upload any picture and convert it, then share it via social media or order it for physical delivery.

The Chicago-based company’s tech can also be a tool for treating alzheimer’s and autism.

Whether your child is an aspiring artist, programmer, or bibliophile, there’s something out there to make the subject interesting and engaging at an early age. Do you know anyone whose children use the above tools? Any others that come to mind? Let us know below.

Image Credit: Flickr/Abhishek Baxi


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