Effective Tips to Perfectly Redesign Your Website

November 1, 2015

4:08 pm

The advent of the online world has really augmented the need for revamping websites. There is a greater need to plan websites in accordance with newer trends and changing consumer wants. Additionally, e-commerce has added a whole new dimension to the global world of marketing that is constantly evolving with new trends.

It is essential for businesses to migrate to a CMS that will give them far better visibility as well as helping them in maintaining records in the inventory. It is also important to have a well-constructed website that will help in driving prospects to the website. However a good website redesign may not be an easy task. There are so me important segments that need to be incorporated for a formal and good looking website.

Analyzing Current Metrics and Setting a Goal

It is important to start thinking well before you plan to create a formal redesigning of your website. Keeping  complete visibility of the available records as well as a history of the website is of prime importance. To track the website performance as well as visibility it is necessary to check on:

  • The number of visitors as well as the bounce rate of the website;
  • time spent by the visitors on the website as well as the current SEO ranking for important keywords;
  • generation of new leads as well as details of sales records; and
  • authority of the domain.

Tool to Analyze Your Website Metrics: Google Analytics

After checking your site’s present status, it is important to set a goal for your redesigning aim. It is important to keep in mind the business objective for the revamp. It should not be an amateur idea as all the metrics are interdependent on each other. Redesigning will automatically have its effect on the current metrics of the website. Hence, immediate goals have to be set.

Understanding the Right Channels and Avoiding Pitfalls

Knowing the right channels that drive your business is the pivotal question that you need an answer with your redesigning process. You have to be transparent and have clear visibility about the avenues that give you best lead as well as traffic.

This will help you in making your investments a lot smarter. Measuring your social media and choosing between organic and inorganic SEO will help you address things better. However, it is also important to capitalize on the assets that you have built so far. Negating those features that have been the limelight to date can be a cardinal mistake. It can be a faulty marketing strategy.

Analyze your Competitors and be Aware of your USP

Keeping a close track of your competitors is key to success in this fiercely competitive scenario. To address this, some key factors have to be kept in mind.

  • Tracking the SEO ranking, social media presence as well as the lead generation mechanism of the competitors.
  • Doing a SWOT analysis of the strengths and weakness of a particular competitor.
  • Effective comparison of your best practices with the other players.

Tools to Analyze your Competitors: Open Site Explorer & Ahrefs

Personify your Website and Optimize your Search Ranking

Individualizing your website in accordance to customer preferences is one of the best things to do in a redesigning process. Fictitious representations of ideal customers will help you address your viewers as well as prospects directly.

  • Segmenting your website in accordance to the demographics as well as preferences.
  • Understanding their need for information as well as a business problem and focusing them on your website.
  • Developing a behavior-based model and incorporating them into the website.

Tips: Understand your buyers’ persona and optimize your website around it.

It is also important to optimize your search results that will eventually decide your business profits. Documenting your most searched pages and creating the right strategy to redirect will be fruitful in accounts.

Incorporating Call to Action Elements and a Content Strategy

Calls to action are elements that ultimately force the customers to take an action. It may be a white paper download to contacting sales as well as a product purchase. Your website shouldn’t be static.

  • Include tabs or inner pages that have separate entities for eBooks or whitepapers.
  • Keep details on contests as well as promotions.
  • Presences of purchases tap and free trail modes.
  • Keep Contact us or demonstration details tap with enhancing features.

Tool to Optimize and have great Call-to-Action: Unbounce.com

An ongoing content strategy will help in the proper PR with the customers as well as a blog will help them with the necessary information. Evolving content with explicit detailing will always attract more prospects to your website.

Apart from this salient features, it is important to keep the basics as transparent as it can get. A proper home page with detailed inner pages and resources on an industry will serve great dividends. It is also important to keep a close track of the website analytics to further enhance and improve.

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