egoBoom Will Change Outdated Internet Opinion Sharing

September 27, 2013

9:11 am

The online feedback mechanisms of today fail to address a need for easily measuring explicit opinions. We see the typical “Like” option on Facebook as a perfect example of this. While that may be an easy way to quantify data, it remains ultimately ambiguous.

The solution for a lot of people has been user comments, which are rich in data, but even those remain difficult to evaluate outside of their context. This leads to an information gap that prevents businesses and users from acquiring insight into the reciprocal party’s life.

Steve Kurtz had his fill of it, so he designed egoBoom to aggregate, analyze, and report on quantitative psychometric feedback through the use of data collectors. Simply put, egoBoom is a better way to share opinions.

In congruent fashion, Kurtz shared his opinions on his platform and how it provides crucial insight into the rift between self-image and public perception.

Tech Cocktail: What is the driving philosophy behind egoBoom, and how does it give value to your startup?

Steve Kurtz: egoBoom’s platform has so much potential to change the way we collect and look at data online that we are afraid to limit ourselves to a narrow band. I suppose we run the risk of spreading too thin, but I have always subscribed to the “go big or go home” philosophy.

I find it difficult to get honest opinions from people online; just spend two minutes looking at the comments in YouTube. Even when the opinions are worthwhile, they are still difficult to quantify or analyze at scale.

That makes egoBoom valuable both to individuals and businesses alike. For individuals, egoBoom is primarily used to get constructive feedback about their multi-faceted personality. For business, egoBoom is the best method available for quickly and easily collecting quantified psychometric feedback.

Tech Cocktail: How are you marketing egoBoom to potential clients? Have you had any success yet?

Kurtz: We market from both a bottom-up and top-down approach. Since our business is geared at individual users and businesses looking to reach them, we are talking with CEOs and marketing folks just as much as we are getting involved in simple forums and blogs.

Like any startup, egoBoom has had its fair share of challenge. That being said, we have managed to achieve a lot through good old perseverance and readily available six packs of beer.

Landing Bloomberg News as a customer would have to be our biggest success to date. We are also in the hunt for $1 million in seed funding, so keep your eyes peeled for our next big thing.

Tech Cocktail: How are you outperforming your competition?

Kurtz: Since we are forging a new market space, we only have indirect competitors like Thumb, Voto, and SeeSaw. These apps all allow users to publicly gather opinions using a single, simple metric based around photos.

egoBoom has nearly a dozen different methods for collecting data on everything from an individual’s personal, professional, or creative life. We have the more robust platform.

Our Technicolor coat is definitely woven from the threads of those that came before us; egoBoom lets people crowdsource information into their personal, professional, and creative life in a completely new and engaging way. Social media democratized the sharing of information, but crowdsourcing is going to change things in ways we can’t even imagine yet.

 egoBoom was featured at Tech Cocktail’s Downtown Mixer & Startup Showcase on September 16th. 

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