ElectNext Helps You Discover Your Ideal Candidates

November 28, 2011

3:58 pm

Do you know where the presidential candidate you are supporting stands on immigration, healthcare, environmental policy, or other issues that are important to you?  Many people vote alongside a political party without really knowing where candidates stand on specific issues.  The problem is exacerbated at the state and local level where, according to ElectNext, “candidates are the most obscure and information hardest to come by.”

ElectNext, a graduate startup of the Good Company Ventures incubator in Philadelphia, wants to help Americans become more informed when casting a vote.  In their own words, it works like a dating site for elections.  They help you find candidates that share your values to ensure a perfect fit.
The process for finding candidates is pretty painless.  You first pick the topics you most care about (foreign policy, taxes, education reform, etc), and then you answer a few questions about each one.  Once your answers have been submitted, you are presented with candidates at the presidential level; results also include Congressmen and Women at the national level.
Beyond helping you find the right candidates, ElectNext also reminds you about major election dates and deadlines – sure to come in handy as we roll into 2012 and our next presidential election.

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Julissa is a technology entrepreneur and writer on innovation and start-ups. She is co-founder of Common Equity, and leads the SocStock product team. She is passionate about innovation, travel and college football. You can follow her on twitter @julissaarce.

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