Elon Musk Is Officially Building His Own Hyperloop

August 8, 2017

2:30 pm

Elon’s vision of a speedy long-distance transport system sounds straight out of a sci-fi movie. Now, five years after Elon came up with the Hyperloop, Elon’s own Boring Company is planning to make it reality.

It’s Not a Surprise At This Point

Wired has a collection of a few warning signs that Musk was planning to move forward with his loop, and they’re not exactly subtle:

“You could see this coming last month, of course. That’s when Musk announced his tunneling outfit, The Boring Company, received ‘verbal government approval’ to dig a Hyperloop tunnel between New York and Washington, DC. When WIRED asked Musk via Twitter who might build the Hyperloop that would fill that tunnel, he replied, ‘The Boring Company.'”

When Musk says he’ll do something on Twitter, he delivers. You remember when he made a Twitter bet that he could power South Australia within a 100 day period? He’ll be done by December.

A Hyperloop History

Musk first created the concept for the Hyperloop back in 2013, publishing a free white paper on the subject online. The basic idea is a long-distance transport system that could move at speeds around 700 mph and move passengers from LA to San Fran or NYC to DC in just a 30-minute trip. Since then, plenty of companies have sprung up to create Elon’s vision: Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, Transpod, and Arrivo. The front-runner, Hyperloop One, just finished a test run days earlier. Now Elon’s throwing his own hat into the ring he created.

In addition to announcing their project, Elon’s company dropped a little shade on the competition:

“He said at the time [Elon released his white paper] that he would only seek to commercialize Hyperloop if after a few years other companies were not moving quickly enough,” a Boring Company spokesperson said in a statement to Wired. “While we’re encouraged that others are making some progress, we would like to accelerate the development of this technology as fast as possible.”

Elon moves fast. Once the Hyperloop is complete — whether the Boring Company or Hyperloop One build it — we’ll all be able to move fast, too.

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