What’s Your Email Personality Type?

May 31, 2012

1:00 pm

By interviewing users, Chicago-based startup PhilterIt has identified 4 distinct types of email personalities. Explains CEO Avi Levine:

“Combiners tend to receive all messages (brand and personal) into one inbox.  Separators (such as myself) may keep an account solely dedicated to personal messages (my Gmail) and one for all brand messages (my Yahoo). Filers are very organized (using folders, labels, archiving, etc.) and non-filers let messages pile up, occasionally deleting.”

email personality type

The combiner-filer, looking chill, is the only one likely to achieve the coveted inbox zero. Meanwhile, non-filers tend to get a bit frustrated and overwhelmed as the unorganized emails pile up.

PhilterIt is a new service for controlling email overload, aimed at separators and non-filers. It makes your inbox look like your smartphone homescreen, with app-like icons for each category of message: daily deals from Groupon and Amazon, credit card bills from American Express, notifications from Facebook and Twitter. You can even create your own icons, like a picture of your wife for all her emails.

PhilterIt joins a few other startups targeting bloated inboxes. AwayFind wants to reduce the time you spend on emails and bubble up the important ones. SaneBox has a similar goal but goes about it a different way, removing emails it thinks you won’t read and letting you “snooze” emails so they reappear later. These two work within your current inbox, whereas you can only use PhilterIt through their website.

If you find yourself steaming or stressing over email like the stick figures above, keep an eye out for PhilterIt’s public launch in the next few weeks.

Filer-combiner image (remixed into non-filer-combiner) courtesy of Brad Borne. Separators courtesy of Obsidian Soul. Made by Tech Cocktail, the table falls under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

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