Embrace the New Year with a 3-Day Cleanse App

January 2, 2015

7:00 am

Have you thought about doing a cleanse as part of a plan to start 2015 healthy, focused, and re-centered? The people at Nibble Apps and Young and Raw have teamed up to create The 3-Day Cleanse app, and it was released for free on iTunes on January 1.

The app is beautifully designed and easy to use, with complete information to guide decisions. Would you like a smoothie cleanse or a juice cleanse? Helpful information that explains your options is provided right in-app. They even provide a shopping list and preparation tips to help your cleanse be as successful as possible.

Andreas Kambanis, founder of Nibble Apps, says that while his company has created several cleanse and detox apps, the focus of this cleanse is on the liver.

3 day cleanse“All the smoothies, meals, and juices included provide the nutrients the liver needs. For example, a typical day would include pineapple (anti-inflammatory), blueberries (which are an antioxidant powerhouse), and kale (high in fiber and vitamins A, K and magnesium).”




Note that Kambanis mentioned smoothies, meals, and juices. Usually, people are afraid to go on a juice cleanse because they are concerned about a purely liquid diet, even for a short time. But not only does this app provide the option for push notifications, email support, and a step-by-step, meal-by-meal guide to meals and the tools with which to provide them, the delicious-looking images and recipes also include things like guacamole with peppers, veggie bowls, porridge, and this gorgeous Smoky Paprika & Sage Squash Soup:

3 day cleanse soup


This soup, and the other items on the smoothie plan, is made in a blender. The app even provides a complete guide to selecting blenders and juicers. Did you know that, according to this guide, a slower blender will take longer to blend your smoothie, and because it won’t break down the fibers in the food very well, this will introduce more oxygen into the smoothie which increases oxidation rate and lowers the nutritional value of the smoothie? There is a wealth of knowledge included in this app, including foods they recommend you do not blend or do not juice.  Check out one more appealing screen shot from the 3-Day Cleanse app, which explains the recipe and the reason you might choose this smoothie for its health benefits.


3 day cleanse example


Of course you should consult with your health care team for medical advice and with a nutritionist for nutritional advice. The app’s FAQ explains their advice on things like whether children or pregnant women should do this cleanse, how to identify detox symptoms, and what other physical symptoms might accompany a cleanse. This provides a great tool for you to actually show to your own health consultants for collaboration so that you can make the most informed decisions as you get more in tune with your own body.

Have you tried other detox or cleanse apps? What other ways do you plan to get centered and focused in 2015?

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