Next to Love, Nothing Consumes People like Workplace Issues

February 10, 2015

7:00 am

According to Janine Yancey, President and CEO of Emtrain, next to romantic problems nothing consumes people more than workplace issues. However, the current HR training landscape doesn’t sufficiently motivate people to improve their workplace relations.

Emtrain wants to shift that paradigm though, because work efficiency and congeniality affect peoples’ lives on a daily basis. By creating quality, relatable content that’s accessible to all companies, but tailored specifically for small tech teams, Emtrain will help employees connect with back office, legal, HR, and development departments.

The training model they have built helps companies develop workplace compliance along with essential people skills as the foundation for building a great brand and business culture. To date Emtrain offers over 500 specific, expert-developed training and reenactment videos that anybody can share or embed into their corporate communications and training workshops.

Today Emtrain announced that they would be launching a new expert business development series that consists of fifteen-minute free courses called Learning Moments. The inaugural course provides and interactive Q&A opportunity with former VP of LinkedIn, Steve Cadigan, who grew the platform from 400 to 4,000 employees in 2012.

“During my 23 years as an employment lawyer advising technology teams, I’ve seen many managers make hiring decisions based on gut instinct,” says Yancey. “Any HR professional will tell you, that’s an emotional approach that typically leaves managers and their teams losing valuable time spent having to rehire. My goal with this course was to follow the freeware culture of the technology community and provide something of value that everyone could use to increase their skill set and promote healthier, happier workplaces.”


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