End Communication Overload with Nugg

September 6, 2014

10:00 am

Communication in today’s workplace is driven by technology. From sending endless emails to communicating through Skype, employers use technology to improve communication between their teams and employees. Sometimes, these forms of communication can get a little messy. Emails get lost. Skype crashes. This is why it’s important for managers and employees to use tools that keep them from worrying about tracking multiple conversations in different places. Nugg takes the stress out of workplace communication and collaboration. This app enables teams to share ideas, post updates on projects, and keep track of ideas all in one place.

How does Nugg work?

Once users sign up with Nugg, they have the option to create a team, invite members, and post updates. After the teams are created within the app, members can share 140 character messages, upload documents, and more.

For managers. Team leaders can organize teams with as many members as they need. The app allows leaders to ask questions and receive updates on current projects, too.

Another great feature of the app is that it enables team leaders to look back on previous team decisions to gauge future decisions. Nugg also creates transparent communication by providing open discussions within the app.

For employees. Nugg boosts team collaboration and engagement by bringing communication together in a single place. Employees can ask team leaders questions and post updates on their projects.

Nugg is super useful for keeping track of communication between team members. Instead of losing conversations in emails or chats, employees can look back to conversations they had without having to sift through lots of information.

Pros of Nugg

  • Improves team collaboration and communication.
  • Easy to navigate and keep track of conversations.
  • Free to use.

Cons of Nugg

  • The application is only available for iPhone and iPad. Android users must launch Nugg using their Internet app and Google Chrome.

If you’re looking to improve workplace collaboration and communication, download Nugg for free today.

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