Petcube Lets You Entertain Your Pets With Laser Games

December 24, 2013

11:00 am

Lasers are fascinating – aren’t they? Sure, they produce concentrated beams of light that could potentially blow things up if strong enough (I think I saw this on something Frank was watching; it could also just be a false memory created by my over-consumption of Milk Bones), but doggone it those lights are just way too distracting. If dogs could be physicists, then I would definitely not be one…because I would just play with lasers…all the time…and sully the scientific contributions of dogs before me. In the spirit of Christmas and the magical light shows that accompany it, I’ve reviewed a product that I insist you add to your doggy wish list (laser beams included).

What’s better than a box? How about a metal box that literally watches you AND shoots a beam of pretty red light that you can play with? Well, that’s precisely what Petcube is. And you need one. Trust me. Somehow the box produces the quintessential red dot associated with traditional lasers and, of course, one simply cannot stand still as the wee little thing scurries about. Apparently, the whole idea is to keep dogs (and cats, meh) occupied while our owners are away from home.

“[Alex] understood that [I] needed a distraction – something to do while [he] wasn’t home,” said Rocky about his owner Alex Neskin’s aim in creating the Petcube. Your owner controls the laser directly from an app on their phone – which, honestly, frightens me…all of that power…all of that [SIC – scurries off to chase the light].

From the app, your owner can keep an eye on you and even talk to you directly from their phone (how this is done, I’m not sure – I think there’s a mini version of our owner inside each of these cubes). Frankly, it was a little weird, at first, having Jen talk to me from a metal box, and it took me some time to stop plotting ways to free Little Jen from the Petcube, but eventually I got used to it.

The Petcube isn’t yet available to everyone, but you can get your owner to pre-order one now as a last-minute Christmas gift (it won’t arrive until May 2014, but go for it anyway). And, in case you were wondering: the laser is completely safe, and I have not blown up.

Petcube is available now for pre-order at $50 less than its expected retail price. Last month, their Kickstarter campaign raised over $250,000 (with a goal of $100,000). 

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