7 Tips For Entrepreneurs to Stave Off Stress

June 3, 2015

8:00 pm

Stress. We are all prone to it, especially if you are an overworked, time-strapped entrepreneur having multiple overwhelming issues to deal with on a daily basis – from firing your best employee to facing criticism on your latest product.

Getting rid of stress can be easier than you think. Here are 6 essential tips for a less-stress living:

1. Stop taking things personally

One of the biggest stress factors is thinking that what other people do is something that is being done to us personally. Most times, it’s not the case at all. That investor didn’t accept your proposal not because you are not good enough, but due to some issue related to his way of doing business or his current financial situation. You should stop taking every failure on your personal account if you’d like to stay sane. Speaking of failures…

2. Accept that certain level of failure is unavoidable.

As an entrepreneur you will face tough decisions influencing your company, your team, and you personally. Often you’ll find yourself running out of time while attempting to find the perfect solution. Time is one of your most valuable asserts. You can afford to spend too much of it on over-analyzing each step you are about to make. Learn to accept that perfection is for unicorns and failure should not be feared, considering you can later on leverage it as learning experience.

 3. Use restraint 

As an entrepreneur you will deal with a lot of difficult prospects – clients, potential investors, vendors etc. It takes two people to start a fight, so next time the situation boils up, use restraint in your response, instead of showing your defensive attitude and escalating the stress of the situation for both parties.

4. Seek for diversification away from work

You love your job, but you won’t last long unless you have a non-work related hobby that lets you “chill” after another stressful day. Physical activity helps the brain generate new neurons connections and boost your creativity and problem-solving skills. Start doing yoga at home – there are numerous free video channels with simple exercises for beginners. Or take drawing lessons or photography classes. Group hobbies can be leveraged as potential networking tools as well as you might meet like-minded professionals and discover prospective supporters for your company.

5. Take timely breaks

Check if your anxiety levels get jumping with this 5 minute test. If they do, it’s time to leave everything aside and step out of the situation. Literally. Going for a short walk in the park and getting an oxygen boost will decrease your stress level and help your brain kick a mental roadblock out of the way and progress with work more efficiently.

6. Stop casting blame

When you find yourself in a particularly high-pressure situation, the first thing you often do is start seeking whom to blame (including yourself), escalating the stress even further. Don’t forget you are the leader in your company; you should put on a calm face and keep your emotions to yourself to avoid undermining your authority within the team. Focus on seeking out the root cause of the problem and generating a solution to it. You’ll have enough time to analyze the mistakes and determine how to avoid them from happening again after the crisis is past.

7. Stop making assumptions

Too often we make assumptions about what others are thinking. Avoid this toxic practice and catch all your assumptions before they turn into beliefs. Catch them before you take an action based on assumptions without verifying it. It’s always less stressful to accept that you were wrong on something, rather than fixing a wrong action you’ve made based on assumptions.
Featured Image: Flickr/Giuseppe Savo

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Dianna is a former ESL teacher and World Teach volunteer, currently living in France. She’s slightly addicted to apps and viral media trends and helps different companies with product localization and content strategies. You can tweet her at @dilabrien

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