The Entrepreneur’s Book of Awesome

October 8, 2012

11:00 am

I just started reading The Book of Awesome, written by blogger Neil Pasricha of It’s a tribute to all those awesome moments that we human beings experience: snow days, finding money in your pocket, and a waft of air from the bakery. It’s also a reminder to stop and appreciate these things when they show up. Here are a few awesome things for entrepreneurs.

Gushy users

When you’ve opened up your site to more than your mom and dad, your baby is out in the wild. And things can get a little nasty: bad reviews, snarky comments, and lots of “Why the hell would anyone use this?”

That’s why you get the warm fuzzies when someone says your baby is the most precious thing they’ve ever seen. They love it, they need it, it was just what they were looking for. So don’t be afraid to open that next email, because it just might contain a few sentences of AWESOME.

When someone famous answers your tweet

Your baby is out in the world, and you want it to get some love. So you start randomly hitting people up on Twitter. “Hey @famousperson, check this out? Think you’ll like it.” “Hey @IHaveaMassiveTwitterFollowing, feedback welcome on #hustlers.”

After you’ve lost hours of productivity staring at your Mentions tab, waiting for a “1 new Tweet” to pop up, it finally appears. “@mycoolstartup Pretty sweet. Will recommend.” You swoon, a swoon of AWESOME.

Good press coverage

You were all prepared for the interview, but the tone has taken a turn. “How are you going to generate revenue?” the reporter asks. “What are your long-term plans for expansion? How will you deal with your vastly superior, revenue-generating competition?”

You send a polite thank-you email afterward, but that’s probably not going to cut it. You’re in for One Long Critique, those pieces where reporters act like they know more about starting a company than you do. The days tick on, and suddenly it appears. But it’s not as ugly as you thought; in fact, it’s pretty AWESOME.

False alarms

Servers are the stuff of nightmares. When your server crashes at 3 am and your phone bleeps an alert, you have no choice. It’s out of bed, to the computer, to its rescue for you. Fires can’t fight themselves.

When your phone bleeps the next day and you involuntarily jump to put out another fire, don’t worry. It’s just your mom, asking why you haven’t called for months. And right now, you think that’s AWESOME.

When Apple approves your app

You’d think the hard part is over when your app is done, but not so, my friends. Now it’s time to submit it to the app store. And you’ve heard horror stories of month-long waits and unexplained rejections. Suddenly, developing an iPhone app doesn’t seem like such a smart idea, after all.

So when you get that approval email in your inbox, it’s high fives all around. Time to celebrate with some well-deserved drinks. Time to watch as the downloads soar. Whatever comes tomorrow, today is AWESOME.

Entrepreneurs, what other awesome moments do you have? 

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Kira M. Newman is a Tech Cocktail writer interested in the harsh reality of entrepreneurship, work-life balance, and psychology. She is the founder of The Year of Happy and has been traveling around the world interviewing entrepreneurs in Asia, Europe, and North America since 2011. Follow her @kiramnewman or contact [email protected]

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