How Entrepreneurs Can Improve Their Luck

March 17, 2015

4:00 pm

It’s St. Patrick’s Day and it seems the appropriate time to talk about getting lucky.

Whoever said that having the “luck of the Irish” is something one can’t control is wrong. There’s a popular saying in business that “you make your own luck.” According to the Harvard Business Review, most of “business luck” can be influenced — i.e. you can increase your propensity to be lucky in business if you understand how.

Luck is as much about attitude as it is about probability. In their research, they found that people who self-describe themselves as lucky in their entrepreneurial profile, tend to be luckier because they have the right attitude. You can also have a lucky attitude if you develop these traits:

1. Humility

In the startup world there is an attitude that you can’t get ahead unless you promote yourself, take center stage, and claim all the credit for success. That is the opposite of humility, where one is open to vulnerability towards limitations. Part of having a lucky attitude begins with humility. You need enough self-confidence to command the respect of others, but must also be open to the idea that you don’t know everything.

2. Be Open Minded

People who are fully confident or arrogant are less likely to question their personal assumptions and outlook of the world. You have to be open minded and curious to learn more about just about anything. This is where you encounter opportunities Lucky people regularly have them; unlucky people don’t.

3. Be Optimistic

“If humility is the foundation for intellectual curiosity, then an optimistic disposition gives one the belief and energy that more, better, faster is always possible.” We’ve all heard about the power of the mind; If you believe you’re luck than you are lucky. Optimists are givers of energy rather than takers of it. By having a positive disposition, you’re more likely to act upon your curious pursuits. Optimism also rubs well on others, no one wants to work with a negative person.


Image Credit: By Umberto Salvagin on Flickr

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