What 29 Entrepreneurs Eat for Lunch

August 19, 2014

11:54 am

This is a follow-up to “What 50+ Entrepreneurs Eat for Breakfast” – read about all the smoothies, eggs, and granola here.

When I was working in an office, one of my coworkers had a rule: you’re not allowed to start thinking about lunch until 10, and you’re not allowed to each lunch until 11. Thinking about lunch before 10 leads to distraction; eating before 11 leads to afternoon starvation.

Lunch for startups may not be the heavenly blessing that it is in a boring 9-5 job, but it’s still pretty close. (I don’t know about you, but I definitely start planning my lunch before 10 am most days.) So we asked entrepreneurs to share what they eat for lunch – from protein, carbs, or vegetables to salads and sandwiches.


“Lunch varies day-to-day for me, but I usually try to get something high in protein, low in fat, and low in carbohydrates. I find myself snacking during the day on good things like protein bars, edamame, or nuts. Lunch certainly doesn’t have a set time.”

Rod Brown, COO of OnceLogix

Entrepreneur lunch Rod Brown

“I cook at home as much as I can. For the price of a sandwich, you can have a fresh and healthy proper meal. I cook most of the stuff in the oven. . . . My photo is of trout and potatoes that I made in my oven.”

– Michal Kubacki, CEO and founder of 5-TILES keyboard

Entrepreneur - lunch Michal Kubacki

“Here’s a typical lunch: teriyaki chicken with salad from Anna’s Teryaki, which is around the corner from the Iterable office.”

– Justin Zhu, CEO and cofounder of Iterable

entrepreneur - lunch Justin Zhu

“My favorite restaurant is Jerusalem Garden, which is just around the corner from our office. I usually get the chicken shawarma or the shish kabob.”

– Len Gauger, founder and CEO of Message Blocks

entrepreneur - lunch Len Gauger

“Restaurant or home-made sushi at least three times a week – favorite spot is Ozumo in SF.”

– Leila Banijamali, founder and general counsel of Startup Documents

entrepreneur - lunch Leila Banijamali

“A full fridge — today we had curry catered (I think that’s a masala stain in the back).”

– Chris Nicholson, head of communications and recruiting at FutureAdvisor

entrepreneur - lunch Chris Nicholson

“I eat hard-boiled eggs and fat-free hot dogs most days.”

– Bryan Clayton, CEO of GreenPal

entrepreneur - lunch Bryan Clayton

“I keep my lunch as simple and healthy as possible. Grilled chicken and a steamed veggie is the standard. Although, it is not unusual for a fast PB&J to enter the mix on days I’m feeling crunched for time due to a high workload or multiple events. I bring my lunch because I’ve discovered that it saves me a tremendous amount of time compared to going out everyday.”

– Valerie Uhlir, cofounder at Ethereal Innovations

entrepreneur lunch

“Protein and vegetables.”

– Matthew Zehner, CEO and founder of ZehnerGroup

entrepreneur lunch


“For lunch I’m trying to be healthy, so a good salad works just fine with me.”

– Juan Velasquez, marketing specialist at Do It Wiser

entrepreneur - lunch Juan Velasquez

“Lunch *was* my most-often-skipped meal of the day, until my Rise Coach put an end to that! I make it a point now to get out of the office and grab something. A salad and soup combination works perfectly, and keeps my Coach super happy.”

Suneel Gupta, CEO and founder of Rise

entrepreneur - lunch Saneel Gupta

“Lunch is almost always Just Salad or Chipotle – cheap, pretty healthy, and near the office.”

– Kenny Kline, founder and CEO of Slumber Sage

“For lunch, I get a custom chopped salad almost every day from Just Salad.  It’s really healthy and they have a great rewards program that is connected to a smartphone app.”

– Joe Auer, founder of Skill Voyage


“Our company is fortunate to use MyEatClub.com and we get to choose from over 20 organic farms-to-fork meals delivered to us daily. Each of us get our own pick and today I got a real treat, the Bling-Bling Burrito, a curry burrito that comes complete with gold wrapper and Mardi Gras beads.”

– Brandon Ancier, director of customer happiness at Tint

entrepreneur - lunch Brandon Ancier

“We usually take out food from a local restaurant for lunch and eat as a team. Today we had Pho 75, which serves Vietnamese food.”

– Tania Ryseck, business development associate at nVisium

entrepreneur - lunch Tania Ryseck

“For lunch, I had ratatouille cheese quiche. I used to be the kind of person that would make my own crust. Since founding our company, I no longer have time for that and instead use pre-made frozen pie crusts.”

– Margaret Roth, COO of An Estuary

entrepreneur - lunch Margaret Roth

“I love to cook, so I normally try to prepare something for lunch. My most recent addition to my menu has been a really nice gluten-free pizza with portabello mushrooms, vidalia onions, free-range chicken, and pesto sauce.”

– Andrew McGonnigle, gooru at Google Gooru

“Safeway Select frozen meals. It’s what’s for dinner, too! They’re incredibly cheap ($2 per meal) and they save me ton of time by not having to cook. In addition, they’re significantly healthier in comparison to other frozen meals because Safeway Select has much less sodium. My favorite is the Chicken Enchilada.”

– Fernando Campos, cofounder of Topwick

entrepreneur - lunch Fernando Campos

“Typically a good old turkey sandwich. But today I was lucky to find some leftover pizza. Lacy thinks she’s going to get some.”

– Bryan Bamford, cofounder and CEO of Brinkbit

entrepreneur - lunch Bryan Bamford


“I usually eat in to save money. My most common lunch is a turkey sandwich with cheese and mustard.”

– Brandon Howard, partner at Toner Emporium

entrepreneur - lunch Brandon Howard

“I usually pick up a sandwich from a deli shop near our office in the Mile End. We’re fortunate to have Busbud located in one of the most vibrant and culturally diverse neighbourhoods in Montreal. Not only are many startups establishing themselves in this inspiring area, but it is also home to many local artists, filmmakers, and musicians. From Montreal’s most famous bagels, to a host of restaurants with cuisine from all around the world, finding something good to eat isn’t difficult!”

– LP Maurice, CEO and cofounder of Busbud

entrepreneur - lunch LP Maurice

“All the newest super foods of course, mostly Jimmy John’s and Panera and to live more dangerously, I consume a lot of spicy Mexican and Indian food.”

– John Kinskey, president-founder of AccessDirect

entrepreneur - lunch John Kinskey

“Typically a sandwich with side salad from our local eatery Cow’s End. A favorite is the Venezia. A turkey, potato, basil, mushroom sandwich topped with melted provolone, pesto, and parmesan.”

– Ben Pappas, CEO of Call Creator Plus

entrepreneur - lunch Ben Pappas

“Lunch is often a sandwich from Sainsbury’s.”

– John Peebles, CEO of Administrate

entrepreneur - Lunch john peebles


“All the vegetables and fruits that I cleaned out of my fridge.”

– Katie Kirsch, CMO for Sisu Global Health

entrepreneur - lunch Kate Kirsch

“Smoothie (strawberry/banana/yogurt/flaxseed).”

– Mirta Desir of Smart Coos

Lifestyle - lunch Mirta Desir

“Breakfast and lunch are usually smoothies. But these are no light juice refreshers, but rather heavy-duty blends of apples, kale, bananas, almonds, coconut, flaxseeds, and heaps of frozen berries. It’s pretty much green sludge.”

– Antonia Townsend, Founder of [Enclosed]

entrepreneur - lunch Antonia Townsend

“Attempt is healthy – (today) spaghetti, meatless sauce, squash, peppers, and onions.”

– Torin Ellis, cofounder of SeeFuture

“I still try to break up the day with home-cooked meals (mostly vegetarian).”

– Brett DeColyse, cofounder and CFO of Embark.org

entrepreneur - lunch Brett Decolyse

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