Entrepreneurs Are Equal to Coffee Makers

November 2, 2015

2:00 pm

Those that are familiar with the definition of “sophistry”, are also familiar that it can be used as a joke. Let me try to explain in a simple logic equation. Entrepreneurs exist to make money; that’s what they are there for. Coffee makers were produced to make money. The equivalent principle says that if two things are equal to a third then those two things are also equal to each other. Therefore, since both make money, they are equal to each other.

The concept may look more like an attempt for a bit of black comedy. But is this really so? Or can it be possible that coffee makers are equal to entrepreneurs? In the world of marketing and sales it is.

The Response Benefits

Entrepreneurs are in business to invest on a good new idea, risk and then reap the benefits if the idea is good, i.e. make money. In the world of consumer electronics there is always something new. It doesn’t have to be something brand new. It may just be a development of an older concept that can easily be characterized as a “game changer”.  Any of the above can have a real impact on the general population who may just have been looking for something like this and couldn’t find it anywhere. By definition game changers make money.

They make money for those who conceived the idea, they make money for those who produce the actual product and in the end they make money for the entrepreneurs who take the risk on investing in this idea. This is how in the grand scheme of things entrepreneurs are equal to coffee makers.

The Old and the New

The question inevitably becomes: “What are you talking about? Coffee makers are an old and established product line!” Is it? How many of you have returned home after a long day at work and wished that you did not need to spend time to prepare a fresh cup of coffee brewed exactly the way you wanted it? How many of you did not want more than a certain quantity of coffee produced?

The game changers in this industry came in the form of the programmable coffee makers. Small home appliances that you can program to have your precious cup of coffee ready exactly the minute you wanted it and in as many cups as you wanted. Some of them even offer you the opportunity to experiment a bit and have different brews if you are tired of having the same blend again and again.

The Result of the Equation

These new coffee makers are there to make your life easier. You will choose the coffee maker that is best for you, spend some money on it and have your needs met. Out of that money, the investing entrepreneur will receive his capital back with a profit, the producer will cover their expenses and the workers will collect their salary, i.e. you will keep the economy going.

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