Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator Kicks Off Its Summer 2014 Class This Week

June 5, 2014

12:00 pm

This Monday, Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator (ERA) officially announced its 7th class. ERA is a New York-focused accelerator and has graduated 60 companies since 2011.  This summer’s class has an eclectic mix of consumer and B2B startups, with a lot of focus on some interesting yet underserved verticals, such as trucking, fashion, and hotel management. The program will last four months, with startups receiving $40,000, free office space, and a lot of one-on-one mentoring from ERA’s 200+ mentors in NYC and around the world.

Meet the class:

advisorCONNECT is a social relationship management platform (SRM) that helps financial advisors find new clients. The platform provides advisors new tools to stay current with their networks, including money-in-motion alerts and a proprietary wealth graph, which identifies qualified prospects, referrals, and centers of influence.

Bubbl is a mobile video clip sharing service that lets users capture online video highlights. At the push of a button, Bubbl grabs the short “snip” of streaming content that matters most to the viewer, making sharing and digesting video content more engaging.

Chicory is a grocery-shopping platform that lets today’s cook discover recipes from across the web and instantly create a complete shopping list with all needed ingredients. Chicory’s “smart cart” calculates how much of each ingredient is needed and orders the exact amount from local online grocers.

IMPAQD is a cloud-based platform for the shipping industry that allows shippers and truckers to communicate directly, in real time, without the hassle of a broker. IMPAQD automatically matches carriers to available shipments, increasing route efficiencies, filling empty cargo space, and lowering costs.

MobileSuites is a mobile platform for hotels that gives travelers on-demand access to frequently used hotel services, allowing any hotel to instantly modernize its guest offerings. Hotels respond to concierge and other service requests guests make through a mobile app. MobileSuites allows hotels to boost guest satisfaction and increase guest revenues.

NUMARI is an ecommerce company solving the issue of fit in women’s apparel by offering made-to-measure clothing at competitive retail pricing. Each garment is made to a customer’s individual measurements and styling preferences, such as dress and sleeve length. By executing custom at a mass scale, NUMARI gives stylish women the best-fitting look for them.

Plainlegal is a software platform that helps make law firms more productive and profitable by automating routine legal and administrative work. The platform lets lawyers focus on lawyering by automating manual tasks like client intake, document assembly, and payment collection.

Poacht is a SaaS platform for covert job search. It enables employers to recruit the most qualified, currently-employed candidates by ranking and matching passive candidates to an open position on the platform. Poacht makes it simple to source from a talented pool of candidates and connect with them discretely on their mobile devices.

Pull is a mobile messaging distribution platform that lets users privately share conversations. Text conversations can be shared easily between friends, giving users more control over ongoing conversations and facilitating commenting and voting when appropriate. Pull creates a new approach to texting and messaging for its users.

Scentbird is an ecommerce company that has created a discovery and sampling engine for scented beauty products (e.g., perfumes, home fragrance, body care). Scentbird eliminates the uncertainty of purchasing fragrances online by combining a visual fragrance recommender with a risk-free, at-home sampling program.



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