Entrepreneurs Share Positive Daily Habits

January 15, 2015

4:30 pm

Who doesn’t want to be healthy and happy?

When you’re part of the Startup Life, the constant high and low can take a psychological toll on any entrepreneur. Habits that have a positive effect on your life can be a solution to becoming more productive and happier. Elon Musk recently shared that a daily habit he believes has had the largest positive impact on his life is showering. It takes more than two months before a new behavior becomes a habit–66 days to be exact.

To inspire you, we asked entrepreneurs to share daily habits that have a positive effect on their lives:

  • “One of the things that keeps me sane and healthy on a daily basis is being able to get home to see my 18-month-old daughter before she goes to bed. Anyone at my office will tell you that I drop everything and rush home at 5:30. I give her dinner, get down on the floor and play with her for a while, and often tuck her in at night.” Alex Rappaport of Flocabulary.
  • “Send a handwritten note to someone every day. The note could be to a customer, vendor, employee, friend, family member, etc. The criteria for the note is to recognize and/or thank the person for a contribution to his business or personal life. It is upbeat for him, and I am sure it ‘makes the day’ for the recipient as well.”  Jean Cook of The Alternative Board.
  • “We take turns making the coffee, buying healthy snacks, take short walks together and help each other out when things get hectic.” Michael Womack of HovelStay
  • “Everyday, I work out with a colleague. Exercising helps me feel better, provides a release and gives me a mental break from the fast-paced life of running a company.” Simon Slade of SaleHoo
  • “I make a smoothie consisting of spinach, ginger, turmeric, lemon, carrot, cinnamon, raw honey, chia seeds and water.” CEO of Company Folders
  • “Take a walk around the block. It’s easy, it’s relaxing, and it clears your mind instantly. Not sure how to solve a problem or feeling frustrated? Stand up, walk away from the desk and take a stroll about the block. I always have a more positive outlook on my day after a great walk.” John Meyer  of Lemonly
  • “It is his interpretation of the teachings of the Tao. That Tao is essentially a series of 81 poetic passages that are intended to provide daily wisdom and guidance. I read one a day each morning before my day starts.” Brandon Kelly of Vanity
  • “Learning: Reading articles of other Entrepreneurs and their success stories and always striving to learn new things everyday.” Nicole Plummer of E Fitness Hub
  • “Setting aside twenty minutes a day for meditation. As you’ve probably seen meditation is having something of a resurgence – boutique meditation gyms of sorts are opening in the major metro areas to a great deal of enthusiasm.” Colin Darretta of WellPath Solutions 
  • “Take a break every once in a while to hang out with the team. Challenge a coworker in ping pong or try to solve a puzzle. If you’re making your office a collaborative fun place to be this last piece should happen automatically.”Sean Higgins of ilos Videos
  • “I try and spend my first 20 minutes after waking up catching up on non-tech news and I have a series of design and art blogs queued up. It’s a great way to start the day with a burst of inspiration and creativity.” Ryan Matzner of Fueled
  • “Singing along to music: Music is one of my favorite things in the world and for as long as I can remember I have loved to sing. Whenever I feel like I need to cheer up or get energized, singing along to a great song gets me there by bringing me back into the moment by focusing on feeling the passion of the song.”Brittany Whitmore of  Procurify 
  • “Before I even get to work in the morning, I spend the first 10 minutes of every day reading theSkimm, a daily email newsletter that recaps world, entertainment, and sports news. I like feeling connected with the world and those around me, but working at a startup can mean getting lost in your work at times.” Emily Ely of  Traklight.
  • “Each night before I go to bed, I write down three things that I’m grateful for. Some days I may be lucky enough to include a big success but most of the time I’m just listing the smaller things from the day, like having tea with a friend or learning something new from a co-worker. I believe it’s important to celebrate the small wins in life! And by writing down positive memories it feels like I’m wiring my brain for happiness,” Chris Castiglione of One Month.
  • “I created a schedule that allows me to wake up at 4:30 am and work for exactly an hour and a half prior to exercising (which is road cycling). This allows me to get some of the anxious energy out and applied to what my brain wants to spend it on.” Chip Liebenow, founder and CEO at Level Nine Services.
  • “I like to collect quotes to help keep me inspired and motivated. I have an ever growing list on my phone that I open up a lot of mornings to gain perspective and insight” Alexander Guy of Startupbootcamp.
  • “Watch The Office (or something funny), seriously we all need to laugh to stay sane” Zack Miller of Hatch.
  • “I always read a little bit in the morning (and at night, too). This helps me relax before and after work, which has proven to be crucial for my sustainability and sanity. Additionally, one book that I always come back to is The Five Love Languages by Gary D. Chapman. Not the normal book you hear from tech entrepreneurs probably, but it’s one of my all time favorites and always helps me tune my communications in work and otherwise.” Ryan Farley of LawnStarter


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