3 Entrepreneurs Get Immersive and Talk Virtual Reality

September 8, 2016

2:00 pm

Join Tech.Co and Consumer Technology Association (CTA) this upcoming September for the Innovate! and Celebrate conference in San Jose, CA. Register now to attend!

For decades, comprehensive virtual reality was a pipe dream of startup founders and sci-fi fanatics. People dreamt about being placed in completely different universes with nothing more than a headset and some sensors. Today, this technology has become readily available to anyone with a smartphone and $40 and tech enthusiasts are clambering to get their hands on this virtual world. Fortunately, at Innovate! and Celebrate 2016, you’ll be able to get the low-down on virtual reality from some of the biggest names in the business.

We’ll be holding a panel with three VR innovators who can discuss how developers and device companies are enhancing this technology and bridging industries to expand usage. Check them out below!

Liv Erickson, Virtual Reality Developer at Microsoft & Co-Founder of ARVR Academy

virtual reality

Liv Erickson is a virtual and augmented reality evangelist and developer at Microsoft. She has experience building for both virtual and augmented platforms, including the Oculus Rift and Meta Glass, and taught an introductory virtual reality development course at the University of Bremen’s Informatica Feminale summer program this past August.

Brian Markwalter, Senior Vice President of Research and Standards at Consumer Technology Association (CTA)


As the senior vice president of research and standards for Consumer Technology Association, Brian Markwalter is responsible for CTA’s extensive consumer research, market data, and forecasting capability in addition to CTA’s accredited standards development program used by industry in millions of products every year.

Alisha Seam, Robotics Engineer at AT&T Foundry


Alisha works with Silicon Valley’s prolific startup community to accelerate innovative technology into AT&T products and services. She is passionate about emerging technologies and their applications in automation and immersive visualization. She has provided thought leadership and conducted innovative research in the fields of surgical robotics, self-driving vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles (“drones”) and virtual reality.

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Come join us at the Innovate! and Celebrate conference in San Jose, CA. The event will take place September 20 – September 22, and is held in partnership with the Consumer Technology Association (CTA).

Photo: Flickr / Maurizio Pesce

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